AAD LIVE 2nd Anniversary- The Question is the Answer
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Hello, hello everyone and welcome to our 1st LIVE show for our 2nd anniversary. Well it’s not live anymore… but you can listen back to the fun we had earlier today with a live studio audience. AB shows you why we’re not always LIVE, Witty shares her favorite sodas, Tewty gives the answer to the “problem child” blues and DCL Junk does a KILLER Bane impression. We talk Batman event, Nightmare, who Hatemael looks like and Sekju shares a possible new Raid synergy. Oh and did you know Moomin is a lazy little b*tch? Don’t wait another second… even if you listened live the “taped” version will have the sound effects for the Bruce Wayne “roast” . Tune in right now… same AAD time, same AAD channel.
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Hello, Hello and welcome to a brand-new episode of AAD. We discuss Grail (again), and how to beat Atrocitus teams (again)…but this isn’t some boring rehash show. This is AAD, and we always deliver the goods. This episode, we take questions directly from Reddit and we find out how much a...
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