Ep. 246 Ultrasound Guided MSK Interventions with Dr. Jason Cox
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In this episode, guest host Dr. Jacob Fleming interviews Dr. Jason Cox about musculoskeletal interventions and how he uses ultrasound for diagnosis and intervention in his full spectrum musculoskeletal practice. --- CHECK OUT OUR SPONSOR Laurel Road for Doctors https://www.laurelroad.com/healthcare-banking/ --- EARN CME Reflect on how this Podcast applies to your day-to-day and earn AMA PRA Category 1 CMEs: https://earnc.me/ZHCWxF --- SHOW NOTES We begin by discussing Dr. Cox’s path to MSK intervention. During his interventional training at University of Missouri, the musculoskeletal radiology program was rebuilt, and ultrasound was incorporated heavily. He used his ultrasound skills from vascular intervention in IR to learn musculoskeletal anatomy on ultrasound. He was drawn to MSK radiology due to the mechanical aspect of MSK work and the integration of visual spatial awareness and hand eye coordination involved in MSK ultrasound. He started out by learning steroid injections for sports injuries, commonly rotator cuff injuries. He now does around 20 diagnostic or interventional ultrasound procedures each day in his clinic. He opened his clinic with a partner, and did it slowly while still working at his prior job. He started working at his new clinic on his vacation days until he could build up the clientele to leave his prior job. One of the biggest challenges in opening his MSK radiology clinic was finding a sonographer able to do the complex MSK cases he was doing. The most common procedure Dr. Cox does at his clinic is ultrasound guided carpal tunnel release. He also does tendon barbotage for hydroxyapatite deposition disease for the rotator cuff tendons. His practice has grown largely due to the number of patients that are referred because they cannot get an MRI. He reads his ultrasound exams like an MRI report, with a high level of detail, differential diagnosis and recommendations. --- RESOURCES Institute for Advanced Medical Education: https://www.iame.com Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasoncoxmd Ultrasound First Clinic: https://ultrasound-first.com European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology: https://www.essr.org
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