Ep. 247 Teaming up on Trauma, Gun Violence, and Addressing Trauma Care Deserts with Dr. Andre Campbell
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In this episode, Dr. Vishal Kumar interviews trauma surgeon Dr. Andre Campbell about his career path and policy interests, including gun safety, nationwide access to trauma care, and diversity and inclusion within surgical subspecialties. --- CHECK OUT OUR SPONSOR RADPAD® Radiation Protection https://www.radpad.com/ --- EARN CME Reflect on how this Podcast applies to your day-to-day and earn AMA PRA Category 1 CMEs: https://earnc.me/oKVBfW --- SHOW NOTES Dr. Campbell starts the conversation by explaining how he was exposed to early mentorship, which guided him towards pursuing his interest in medicine. He outlines his journey, including his childhood in the Bronx, medical school at UCSF, and residency training. Dr. Andre emphasizes the importance of mentorship at all stages of one’s career. He personally became interested in medicine due to a sixth-grade teacher who sparked his interest in science. Next, we discuss his journey of choosing trauma surgery as a specialty. He found it difficult to decide between medicine and surgery, so he first completed a medicine residency, and then applied to match into surgery afterwards. Dr. Campbell found himself gravitating towards ICU and trauma care, which led him to specialize in trauma surgery. He currently performs trauma, acute care, and elective surgery. Dr. Campbell also talks about the importance of allowing himself to feel the pain of trauma patients and their families, instead of keeping a distance. With every patient loss, he steps back and thinks about lessons that he could learn and how he could do better next time. Then, we shift to a conversation on gun violence, a health emergency in 2022. The incidence of gun violence has rebounded to a higher level than it was before the COVID-19 pandemic started. Dr. Campbell has served as an advocate for gun control, and he highlights the fact that shootings happen every day, but it is only high profile mass shootings that get media attention. He emphasizes that as healthcare providers “staying in our lane” means taking a stance on firearm laws, since our jobs are centered around taking care of injured people. He also talks about respecting gun owners and the complex role that guns play in American culture and symbolism. Dr. Campbell highlights recent progress being made with laws requiring stricter background checks, allocating more funds for hospital based violence intervention programs and psychiatric care, and continuing efforts for gun safety research. We look at the role of Level One trauma centers in providing care for the US population, including people who live in “trauma deserts” with no easy access to a trauma center. Dr. Campbell speaks about the benefits of implementing a nationwide trauma system. Finally, Dr. Campbell shares his observations about increasing diversity within surgical subspecialties. Again, he notes that mentorship is a large factor, as well as intentional initiatives to build supportive environments for underrepresented minorities.
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