The Mandalorian - S03E07 - Chapter 23: The Spies
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In the previous episode, The Mandalorian gave us a nuanced look at the consciousness of droids. In this episode, Grogu pilots a droid carcass like a mech. The horror! But that’s not the only scary thing. An old enemy sOmEhOw returns, the Double F’s have to steer this ship to line up with Episode 9, and Michael Jordan’s tequila is expensive! But one question remains, who are the spies? Got feedback? Tell us at [email protected] Hey there! Check out to find out how you can gain access to ALL of our premium content, as well as ad-free versions of the podcasts, for just $5 a month! Join the Club! Join the discussion: Email | Discord | Reddit | Forums Follow us: Twitch | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Leave Us A Review on Apple Podcasts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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