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Published 03/24/21
THIS IS A THROWBACK TO JUNE 2019! AS YOU KNOW we have this on our YouTube but not on our AUDIO LIBRARY. As we are coming to an end we are wrapping up our F&B PRODUCTION! ENJOY BABES! Jared Fried joins the boys! U Up podcast co-host is a cute kid! Enjoy!
Published 03/17/21
THIS IS A THROWBACK TO MARCH 2019! AS YOU KNOW we have this on our YouTube but not on our AUDIO LIBRARY. As we are coming to an end we are wrapping up our F&B PRODUCTION! Boston born comedian Joe List is a hilarious stand-up comic and one half of the Tuesday’s with stories podcast. Just east coast comedian having fun here!
Published 03/11/21
THIS IS A THROWBACK TO JULY 2019! AS YOU KNOW we have this on our YouTube but not on our AUDIO LIBRARY. As we are coming to an end we are wrapping up our F&B PRODUCTION! Listen to this TBT ep! Chris Distefano and Yannas Pappas interview former WWE and LFL player Danielle Moinet about her time as Summer Rae and playing for the Chicago Bliss!
Published 03/04/21
THIS IS A THROWBACK TO JUNE 2019! AS YOU KNOW we have this on our YouTube but not on our AUDIO LIBRARY. As we are coming to an end we are wrapping up our F&B PRODUCTION! Listen to this TBT ep! The man behind the most popular page on Instagram Tanks Good News and Influencers in The Wild is a good friend of the show and a Long Island gym rat. It is Tank Sinatra! Listen in as the birth of “shout out, Smithtown, watah!” happens.
Published 02/25/21
The Hyenas have Enissa Amani on the poddy and things GET WILD YAAASSSSS!
Published 02/18/21
The hyenas have Carly Aquilino on the pod and they talk history of the Titanic! Join our Patreon at 👇 https://www.patreon.com/bayridgeboys/ Subscribe to the poddy woddy Our YouTube!: https://bit.ly/2ARdDOz HH Clips:https://bit.ly/2YaK2Z8 iTunes: https://apple.co/2UQTHCc Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3fxtsc0  
Published 02/10/21
The Hyenas have Akaash Singh on the poddy and things GET WILD YAAASSSSS!
Published 02/03/21
The HYENAS catch up with comedian Ryan Long! They talk about Canadian serial killer Paul Kenneth Bernardo. Bernardo is known for initially committing a series of rapes in Scarborough, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto, between 1987 and 1990. GET READY FOR A WILD EPISODE!
Published 01/27/21
This is a celebration of Bernie Madoff! WEI ZHONG XIAN! The guy did some pretty brutes things to a lot of people and now he's in jail! RIP to all the money lost but you greedy 1% deserved it!!!
Published 01/20/21
This episode the HYENAS break down the Battle of the Little Bighorn.
Published 01/13/21
They hyenas interview Mike Rowe!
Published 01/06/21
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Make no mistake this is the last time to say that because every year after is going to be Happy Chinese New Year because of Emporer Biden. WEI ZHONG XIAN! Just joking! It's a great time in the studio, boys are back looking back at the year and talking Nazis and NASA. WILD! This has been the worst year, because of COVID-19, or has it been because Trump won? It doesn't matter, overall we can all agree that it was a shit year. Chris and Yanni get some dope gifts from...
Published 12/30/20
WEPA in the Morning 2020 year in review! WILD CUZZIES! It's been a fun year of WEPA and we appreciate all of you for the support! YAAAASSSSS Join our Patreon at 👇 https://www.patreon.com/bayridgeboys/
Published 12/28/20
THE BOYS ARE BACK TOGETHER AND WOKE YANNI IS LIVING THROUGH HIS OWN CHRISTMAS CAROL. Yannis Pappas is back in the studio after fighting The Hilary! He is now Yanni Kolloni and realizing that he had a nice life after seeing how hard it was recovering from COVID-19. He’s recovered and now is WOKE and wants us to be aware of Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and all the other holidays. Because it's not just Christmas! The boys discuss a topic that Chris has always been interested in: The Council of Nicaea....
Published 12/23/20
Comedian Mark Normand joins Chris Distefano this week and guest hosts the poddy. Yannis Pappas is recovering from the 'vid and so we got one of our favorite guys in the building to go wild and talk COMEDY! As most people don't know, Mark is from New Orleans, Louisiana but he doesn't consider himself a southern comedian. He tells us about growing up in NOLA, wild 2 weeks off from school for Mardi Gras, and serial killers like Marie Delphine Macarty and The Axe Man of New Orleans. The Axe Man...
Published 12/16/20
The boys visit Chazz Palminteri and record an episode at his house!! This episode is the history of Chazz Palminteri! The guys are enjoying the best coffee in the world made by Chazz's wife and the best stories of Chazz's life. Chazz shares growing up in the Bronx, New York, working as a bouncer and actor. He shares about how he started the movie A Bronx Tale. He remembers telling his father telling him, "the saddest thing is wasted talent" and made sure to make the movie on his own. He...
Published 12/09/20
Fresh new episode with Jeremiah Watkins! THE BOYS GO FULL CHARACTER PIECE AND THINGS GO RIGHT OFF THE RAILS! Laddah 69 from Los Angeles California is in the house!! Your favorite firefighters from Laddah 14 welcome him and talk Whitney Houston, Kamala Harris, and being out in the open. It's hilarious, make sure to go to YouTube to see the guys go WILD. Jeremiah discusses his new standup special where he invites his family. It different when performing standup when the family is in the...
Published 12/02/20
HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Comedian Colin Quinn joins the boys for this holiday episode! He tries to promote his NEW book Overstated and his HBO MAX Drive-In Comedy Special but Chris keeps getting in his way! REMINDER BABES: Even though Trump did not follow through with his promise to build a wall, Chris and Yannis did. It’s a Bay Ridge Boys wall and you can find it at patreon.com/bayridgeboys. CHECK IT OUT CUZ WE HAVE A NEW SPONSOR 🚨 Brought to you by Tim Dillon's Belly Hair in support of...
Published 11/25/20
The guys are back in the studio and it’s another episode of going wild. New game show idea: Hyenas talk and people bet if certain things they say are true or not. What do you think Cuz? We love it! This episode is about Gandhi and there are a few UNCOMFORTABLE truths about this Cuzzie. One of the most peaceful guys around, Ghandi was a civil rights leader from Porbandar, India. After living in South Africa and experiencing apartheid, Ghandi returned to India to gain independence from...
Published 11/18/20
Joey Coco Diaz is finally on the East Coast, where he belongs We do things a bit differently here on this side of the country and he’s a happy kid. Recorded a day before Election Day, Joey shares with Chris Distefano and Yannis Pappas that he can’t vote. Make no mistake, Joey and Chrissy D bleed east coast Cuzzies with their accents! Joey is so happy to be back on the East Coast and shares his true feelings about his time in Los Angeles. He knows that Comedy Central and Quibi are done,...
Published 11/11/20
It’s an F&B History Hyenas Halloween! The guys are late with celebrating but, hey they’re wild, just like the things they say in today's episode! Recorded a day before Election Day, Chris Distefano and Yannis Pappas discuss the Electoral College and how we are the only country that votes this way. Chris is dressed up like Colonial Chrissy and Yannis is a Hyena fan, our guy Richie G! What’s going to happen, are we going to get sold to China like Chris says or get 4 more years of Donny...
Published 11/04/20
🙆🏼‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️ GO CHECK OUT OUR SPONSORS CUZ! 👉 RAYCON ➡️ promo code: HYENAS15 ➡️ http://bit.ly/rayconHH 🐕 HAWTHORNE ➡️ promo code: HYENAS ➡️ https://hawthorne.co/ 🐕 MYBOOKIE ➡️ promo code: HYENAS ➡️ https://mybookie.ag/signup/ As Yannis Pappas is waiting for Beba Pappas to come into the world, we have the great Shane Gillis on as a guest host! Boys get straight into cars and how that the only dope thing about Christopher Columbus was that he rode into the Americas with wooden ships. Named...
Published 10/28/20
Hyenas are back for another episode and this one is about the great magician Harry Houdini. Yannis is at home right now because he’s waiting for his beautiful baby girl to be born and Chris is in the studio in Bay Ridge Brooklyn!! Yannis isn’t sure if he will bring his new B - A - B - I trick or treating this year. But Chris is sure to be celebrating Halloween with his kids and might actually hand out black and white cookies to his trick or treaters! Chris Distefano and Yannis Pappas of...
Published 10/21/20