Something's happened to the computers and everyone's work has disappeared!
Published 10/22/21
This episode focuses on the language you need to carry out customer research.
Published 10/15/21
Anna and Tom are finally on their dinner date!
Published 10/08/21
Arthur Montgomery is suspected of murdering Jamie Phelps. The race is on to find him.
Published 10/01/21
A witness comes forward with some revealing information.
Published 09/24/21
The detectives try to work out how and when Jamie's body landed on the beach.
Published 09/17/21
The body of the missing man, Jamie Phelps, has been discovered.
Published 09/10/21
Does Arthur Montgomery have important information about Jamie's last movements?
Published 09/03/21
Meet some people who knew missing man, Jamie Phelps. What will they reveal?
Published 08/27/21
Pip has been found but his father is still missing.
Published 08/20/21
There's an important discovery in the search for a missing father and son.
Published 08/13/21
The detectives continue to hear from Lucy Phelps about her missing husband and son.
Published 08/06/21
In our new crime drama, a woman reports her husband and son missing.
Published 07/30/21
Tom's had an accident! Can Anna sort out health and safety problems at work?
Published 07/23/21
It's time for Anna's appraisal. But will Anna like what Paul has to say?
Published 07/16/21
It's time for discipline and someone to give Rachel a warning.
Published 07/09/21
Tense times at Tip Top Trading! What can Anna do before Rachel goes too far?
Published 07/02/21
Anna's struggling to work with Rachel, the new member of staff at Tip Top Trading.
Published 06/25/21
There's a new person coming in to work – will she and Anna get on with each other?
Published 06/04/21
Anna and Tom's flight home is cancelled. What can they do?
Published 05/28/21
Anna and Tom are trying clinch the deal with a French trader. Will they succeed?
Published 05/21/21
Will Anna manage to book the flight to France to finalise a business deal?
Published 05/14/21
Can Anna renegotiate a deal with Tip Top Trading's customers in France?
Published 05/07/21
Will Anna be able to secure a deal with a French company?
Published 04/30/21
One of the companies Anna cold-called has got in touch!
Published 04/23/21