Marsh is joined by tarot reader Nia True, from Compass Tarot. In this episode, we talk through what tarot cards can and can’t do, the ethics of giving readings for strangers, and how Nia uses tarot cards to process her own experiences.
Published 06/17/21
Marsh is joined by Cynthia Sue Larson, president of the International Mandela Effect Conference, founder of RealityShifters and author of books including Quantum Jumps, Reality Shifts, and High Energy Money In this episode, we explore why people believe everyday details about our world differ from the version in our memories, and what this means for our ability to perceive reality.
Published 05/20/21
Marsh is joined by Paul Boland, a registered vet who regularly uses alternative medicine, and also treats human patients at his Klana Natural Health clinic. In this episode, we explore how Paul came to be an avid user of alternative medicine, why he felt he should expand his practice to treat people too, and what he makes of illnesses like COVID-19 and cancer.
Published 04/22/21
Marsh is joined by Milena Ivovic, a writer and painter who is a voluntary worker on the path of The Knowledge Book. In this episode, we explore what The Knowledge Book is, where it came from, and what effect the Omega energy that followers believe is contained in the book can have on humanity at an individual and global level.
Published 03/25/21
Marsh is joined by returning guest Darren Nesbitt, a flat earth proponent who has become a prominent figure in the anti-lockdown protests, and whose folk song “Stick Your New World Order Up Your Arse (We Are The 99%)“ became something of an anthem for the protests against COVID-19 safety measures.
Published 02/25/21
In the first episode of 2021, Marsh is joined by Cranial Osteopath Gez Lamb, to talk about what osteopaths do, the vitalistic energy at the heart of osteopathy, and how the osteopathic industry is regulated.
Published 01/28/21
This episode, Marsh is joined by Nicky Allan, a medium and former psychic detective.
Published 07/24/20
This episode, Marsh is joined by Dr Paul Connett, a retired chemist and the head of the anti-fluoridation organisation the Fluoride Action Network.
Published 06/19/20
This episode, Marsh is joined by homeopath Kate Birch. As part of the episode, Kate asked Marsh to watch two experimental homeopathically-encoded videos. If listeners would like to try the experiment for themselves they can follow Kate’s instructions. Watch video 1 – 1M dilution: youtube.com/watch?v=winP706eFek Then wait for one week, noting down what you are feeling and thinking about for that week. After one week then watch the second video: youtube.com/watch?v=T7FjJCmufhQ
Published 06/24/19
Published 06/24/19
This episode, Marsh is joined by author and biblical prophecy researcher Dr Joye Pugh.
Published 05/27/19
This episode, Marsh is joined by Ben Emlyn, the author and podcaster who founded Hospital Porters Against the New World Order.
Published 04/29/19
Joining Marsh this episode is Jay Weidner, the author and conspiracy theorist who co-founded Sacred Mysteries, and filmmaker behind the Kubrick’s Odyssey series of documentaries outlining what he believes to be Stanley Kubrick’s role in faking the moon landings.
Published 03/25/19
Joining Marsh this episode is Jouke Elsinga, co-founder of the YouTube channel Pure Gospel of Flat Earth.
Published 02/25/19
Joining Marsh this episode is race realist Jared Taylor, founder of the white identity website and magazine American Renaissance.
Published 01/21/19
This month, Marsh is joined by Martin Liedtke from Flat Earth British, to talk conspiracy theories, symbolism and the truth of the Flat Earth.
Published 10/29/18
Joining Marsh for this episode is musician and Flat Earth proponent, Darren Nesbitt.
Published 09/03/18
Joining Marsh this month is Michael Davidson from the Christian “ex-gay therapy” ministry, Core Issues Trust.
Published 07/30/18
Joining Marsh this month is Eben Alexander, neurosurgeon and author of Proof of Heaven.
Published 06/25/18
Joining Marsh this month is researcher and 9/11 Truther Michael Fullerton from Skeptopathy.com.
Published 05/28/18
This episode, Marsh is joined by engineer and activist Mark Steele, to discuss his campaign against 5G technology and his altercation with Gateshead Council.
Published 04/30/18
Joining Marsh this episode is spiritualist and author of over fifty books, Theresa Cheung.
Published 03/26/18
This episode, Marsh is joined by Rodney Cluff from OurHollowEarth.com, and author of World Top Secret: Our Earth IS Hollow.
Published 02/26/18
Ed Turner is a Liverpool-based solicitor and former attendee of Merseyside Skeptics Society Events. In this interview, he talks to Marsh about Campus Craziness, the Regressive Left, Social Justice Warriors, Neo Marxism and the censorship of free speech.
Published 01/29/18