Will Dysfunctional House GOP Do the Right Thing?
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Ben Wittes joins to discuss Iran's attack on Israel, Congress's action on Ukraine, Trump's NY trial, and the Supreme Court.
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Famed presidential photographer David Hume Kennerly joins Bill Kristol and regulars to discuss the Ford Library's cowardly refusal to honor Liz Cheney, how Democrats should handle the Trump verdict, and Biden's standing with the young and old. highlights / lowlights David: In closing, Trump’s...
Published 05/30/24
Published 05/30/24
Joe Klein joins the panel to discuss Haley's Trump support, Alito's freak flags, and polls showing Americans are deeply misinformed about the state of the economy. highlights / lowlights Damon: Is the Biden Campaign Running on False Hope? (Isaac Chotiner, NYer) Linda: Three Books to Help You...
Published 05/24/24