Patterico joins the panel to analyze Bragg's case against Trump.
Published 04/12/24
Published 04/12/24
Matt Bennett joins to discuss the end of No Labels, RFK, Jr., and other third parties as well as Florida's new abortion law.
Published 04/05/24
Pete Wehner joins to discuss Trump's "patriotic" Bible, lawfare accusations over Trump's trials, and Putin's war on truth.
Published 03/29/24
Nicholas Grossman join to discuss Trump's money troubles as a national security threat and a political challenge.
Published 03/22/24
Michael Isikoff details some undercovered aspects of Trump's election subversion.
Published 03/15/24
Philip Bump joins guest host A.B. Stoddard and the panel.
Published 03/08/24
David French and Cathy Young join to discuss the SCOTUS gift to Trump, McConnell's tainted legacy, and Christian supremacism.
Published 03/01/24
Kori Schake joins to discuss Ukraine funding, the GOP's moral and strategic collapse, Haley, and calls for a Gaza ceasefire.
Published 02/23/24
Chris Cillizza joins the panel for a thought experiment on Biden.
Published 02/16/24
The Dispatch's Scott Lincicome returns to discuss cheap avocados, the "China shock," and other economic matters.
Published 02/09/24
Jonathan Karl on the under-covered first two years of Trump's post-presidency.
Published 02/02/24
Yascha Mounk joins to discuss the NH results, Greg Abbott's SCOTUS defiance, and offers a dissenting view on "Succession."
Published 01/26/24
Zack Beauchamp of Vox and Will Saletan join the panel to discuss Iowa and New Hampshire and death threats in the GOP.
Published 01/19/24
Tim Alberta discusses his book on the rot within white evangelical Protestantism.
Published 01/12/24
Nick Grossman of Arc Digital joins to discuss plagiarism, double standards, DEI, Israel, Iran, and Hamas.
Published 01/05/24
Guest host A.B. Stoddard and special guest Jim Swift join the panel to discuss Nikki's Civil War / slavery stumble.
Published 12/29/23
Trump and 14th Amendment bar from office. Plus, the prospects for Ukraine.
Published 12/22/23
The House moves toward impeaching Biden while stiff-arming Zelensky.
Published 12/15/23
Democracy scholar Rachel Kleinfeld joins to discuss polarization, violence, the GOP, the rule of law, and Ivy League hypocrites.
Published 12/08/23
Noah Smith joins to talk about the border crisis and its political implications.
Published 12/01/23
Hamas triggered the Gaza war, and signed the death warrants of thousands of Palestinians.
Published 11/24/23
Is Israel losing the propaganda war? Plus, Biden's chances to revive his popularity. The Economist's Idrees Kahloon joins.
Published 11/17/23
Chris Cillizza and Will Saletan join to discuss this week's elections, the GOP debate, and the generational divide over Israel.
Published 11/10/23
Bret Stephens joins the panel to analyze the Gaza war, America's declining stomach for world leadership, and the new speaker.
Published 11/03/23