Spoiled Daughter Manipulates Parents to Help her Murder: Case of Hitoshi Ura
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In July of 2023, 29 year old Runa Tamura would be having a fun night out at the club. She was dancing and feeling the music while she talked and was kissing with a man she met there, 62 year-old Hitoshi Ura. At the end of the night, the two decided to get a love motel room not too far away. Runas father, 60 year old Osamu Tamura, had actually tagged along with Runa at the club where he’s seen on security footage the whole time, watching Runa as she danced and kissed on Hitoshi. Osamu would later drive and drop off Runa and Hitoshi at the love motel where they booked a room for a couple hours at 10:50pm. At 2am, Runa is seen leaving the motel but in unusual clothing. At first she was wearing jeans and a turtleneck with her natural black hair and glasses. But as she left, she was seen wearing all black with a blonde wig and a black fedora while rolling a suitcase beside her. And although the footage caught Runa leaving the motel in her odd choice of clothing. What the camera didn’t see, was what was inside of the suitcase. And inside, was the decapitated head of Hitoshi, and back in the motel, staff would later find Hitoshi’s body in the motel room’s bathtub naked. headless, and stabbed to death. This story follows the dark and twisted minds of the Tamura family and how Runa was able to manipulate her parents in helping her commit a brutal and ruthless crime Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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