Mother Forces Tik-Tok Famous Daughter to Murder for Fame: Case of Mohammad Hashim
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Mahek Bukhari was a a 24 year-old tin-top influencer from the UK. On Mahek’s tin Tok she would often post just normal content like dancing trends, grwms, lip syncing and even the occasional video with her mom. The videos with her mom went the most viral because her mother 44 year-old Ansreen looked good for her age. The comments would be flooded with things like “Can your dad fight” and “yall look like sisters omg”. This far led Ansreen to start her own instagram and gain thousands of followers, being invited to events, parties, being sent PR. And over instagram is when Ansreen would later meet and have a 2 year affair with 18 y/o, Sakib Hussain. Sakib would come over to Ansreens home when he husband wasn’t there and engage in sexual acts. Until December of 2021 when Ansreen decided to put her foot down and say goodbye to Sakib. She said she wanted nothing to do with him and how this whole thing was a huge mistake. Things went quiet after this text and it gave Ansreen a sigh of relief. But Sakib would reply with multiple photos and videos of him and Ansreen engaging in sexual acts in her home and threatened to release all of it to her family and tik Tok fans if she left him. Ansreen loved all of the luxuries she was getting on her social media, but how far would Ansreen go to keep it from all crumbling?  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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