WE ARE AMERICANS! | 06-18-2021
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WE ARE AMERICANS! Enough of this woke crap.
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Other than his diapers, Joe Biden does not change much these days. Biden continues to lie about his past, as he displayed in Pennsylvania yesterday when he claimed he had one been a semi-truck driver. Does the media question his cognitive skills? Nope but
Published 07/29/21
Today on Beat Bernie: Red Apple Media challengers Gabby Lopez and Jenn Grod teamed up to try and Beat Bernie this morning.  Did they have enough knowledge to take down the man himself? Also, is there a new Beat Bernie jingle?  Listen to Jenn Grod's new
Published 07/29/21
Bill O'Reilly joined Bernie & Sid this morning to breakdown the delta variant of COVID, and that it is something that should be taken very seriously.
Published 07/29/21