BEAT BERNIE | 09-28-2021
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Today on Beat Bernie!!! Sheldon, a retired teacher from Carmel, NY, faces off against Bernie!!! Will Sheldon be the next one to dethrone him, or will Bernie prove that 2 losses in a row is never an option?!
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'One Tough Podcast with Bo Dietl' on the 77 WABC App, Mr. Dietl rejoins Bernie & Sid in the Morning to talk on Curtis Sliwa vs Eric Adams, the situation with Alec Baldwin, & to talk more on next week's Election Day!
Published 10/26/21
New York Post columnist, Miranda Devine joins Bernie & Sid in the Morning, to talk about President Joe Biden & his incompetency.  Also, there's a chance that Biden's screw up leading to Donald Trump's return to office.
Published 10/26/21
Today on BEAT BERNIE!!! Pierro, a used cars salesman from Glenwood, NJ, takes on Master Bernie himself! Will Pierro be able to take down Bernie & put this victory in his portfolio, or will Bernie remind him, that his sales, are indeed final?!
Published 10/25/21