Childproof Sneak Peak (Are Routines For Me Or My Kids?)
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If you're a fan of Betches Moms, we have an exciting announcement: Childproof from Betches Media is available now! Together, hosts Gwenna Laithland and Tori Phantom attempt to figure out the dos, don’ts, and f*ck its of modern parenthood. Check out this sneak peak of the first episode of the podcast, and be sure to come back every Wednesday to hear new episodes. You can download the rest of this episode by searching Childproof wherever you're listening, or follow this link: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 10/24/22
In this special crossover episode with Betches Moms and Oversharing, hosts Jordana Abraham and Dr Naomi Bernstein talk all about parenthood, changing social dynamics, and how long we should wait before exposing kids to social media. From TikTok to Instagram (and everything in between) Naomi...
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