What are the benefits of scrapbooking challenging times?  Why would I include health issues and career set backs in my Book of Me?  I'm working hard to process my feelings, hone in on my desires, and keep my book from becoming a highlight reel.
Published 09/25/23
In today's episode, I'm sharing the perfect tool to help you get more out of your supplies, bust through crafter's block, learn to mix patterns, and create more cards in less time.  It's helped me get so much more done at my craft table and I can't wait to use it for my holiday cards.
Published 09/18/23
Do I really have more to say about books and reading?  Let's talk about book clubs, books that have changed us, books that have shown us new ideas, and how we document these terrific reading experiences. Books mentioned: War and Peace Anna Karenina Crime and Punishment The Idiot The Count of Monte Cristo Ravenfall Everyone in my Family Has Killer Someone In My Dreams I Hold A Knife
Published 09/12/23
Let's set up our planners for September.  Get your important dates on the calendar, especially your big three (those three things you're gong to do for yourself this month).  Don't forget to add your unique celebrations!  I'm celebrating 904 day and looking forward to creating a scrapbook layout all about my home town.  Let's make pages about the places where we live and what makes those places special.
Published 09/04/23
I've been thinking a lot about celebrating unique special occasions like Pi Day and 626 Day.  This new tradition has brought me so much joy that each month I now make an effort to get at least one on my calendar.  Today's special day was an unexpected day off from work that led me to think about childhood pleasures including hurricane days (snow days for most of you) and how I want to scrapbook them.
Published 08/29/23
I've been inspired by Life In Five Senses!  I'm determined to savor these last few weeks of summer and to capture them in new and unique ways.  I know scent memories can take me right back to certain points in my childhood.  I wonder if exploring my other senses will lead me to new discoveries as I celebrate the season.
Published 08/21/23
I'm getting a little ahead of myself in this episode.  You see I'm already longing for the back to school energy I usually feel at the start of September and I'm itching to plan a new project.  Let's talk about planners and how we can use them to make time for our paper crafting projects.  If you've ever been tempted by a 100 Days project or the Holiday Grand Plan, you're going to love this episode!
Published 08/14/23
How are you telling your story?  This week I've got three takes on how our stuff reveals our routines and our passions.  This episode is filled with inspiration to get you crafting layouts all about you!
Published 08/07/23
Let's make a plan to savor summer this August.  I'm sharing the three things I'm doing to add joy to my days and how I make papercrafting a priority.
Published 08/01/23
Let's talk about the childhood stuff that brings back some of your favorite memories.  I'm dishing on all things pink from Barbie to Strawberry Shortcake and the stories behind the stuff that I can't wait to capture.
Published 07/25/23
Hello crafty friends! As a reward for my loyal podcast listeners I created this behind the scenes episode revealing some terrific new offerings I have in the works.  Let's talk about new virtual events, a new way for podcast listeners to see my projects, product spotlights, and more.
Published 07/17/23
We've made it through the first six months of the year.  Let's create a scrapbook layout celebrating your achievements and adventures!
Published 07/11/23
In honor of my bestie's upcoming birthday, I've decided it's time to scrapbook the most important relationship in my life at a whole new level.  While I have filled books with the stories of our adventures, I'm now ready to focus on the bond between us and the qualities that made her extraordinary.
Published 07/03/23
I've got lots to tell you as we wrap up June with Stitch Day, plans at the pool, and more.  We'll talk about planning, celebrations, remembering what feels like Summer, and creative energy plus we'll touch on getting the things and activities we love into our scrapbooks.
Published 06/27/23
It's time for bookish enthusiasm!  Let's talk books and the reading life.  I'm answering the prompts to the Mid Year Book Freak Out tag, making recommendations, and spilling the tea on the 35 books I've read so far.
Published 06/19/23
My efforts are starting to pay off!  I've got my first tomato harvest.  I've reconnected with a friend.  I've survived 300 pages of War and Peace.  I'm trying a few things differently and I'm surprised by my progress.  For example, the last two weeks my newsletter card projects have used products and techniques I rarely use and I couldn't be happier with the results. 
Published 06/12/23
I've got a challenge for you!  In the interest of authenticity, create a scrapbook layout with photos of the finished product of something you've accomplished such as creating a garden (maybe even a tomato patch) and then use your journaling to tell the behind the scenes story of the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the making of those photos (maybe even the mosquito bites, the heat, and the humidity).  This episode shares more about the challenge, June's Big Three, and ideas for small,...
Published 06/06/23
Inspiration can come from all sorts of places!  This week, I'm inspired to create a whole bunch of layouts for my Book of Me by the numbers...50 photos from my 50th birthday, 100 things I like about me, 23 photos of 2023, and more.  Plus, I need a theme for summer and an idea for a 100 Days Project.  
Published 05/30/23
I've got some new ideas on how to spend more time at our craft tables and I stole most of them from author Laura Vanderkam!
Published 05/22/23
In this epsiode, I am revealing my top three secrets for making the most of the time you have for paper crafting.  These simple ideas will keep you organized and help you to finish more projects in less time.
Published 05/16/23
I'm making the most of May!  It's time to get the good stuff on the calendar with both the Big Three and this month's list of unque celebrations.  Plus, you've got to check out my newest card background technique obsession.  I can't wait for you to see a Magic Square Illusion background!  Check it out here: https://fb.watch/kpjHqP8ztX/
Published 05/09/23
Remember when Juliet questioned what would be so different about Romeo if his name was anything but Montague?  "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet..."  Today I'm exploring names and associations as the Cosette pattern paper pack transports me to the Paris of another time in more ways than one.  
Published 05/02/23
Did you take on a 23 in 2023 list?  My list is filled with experiences I am planning for this year and now that we are 1/3 of the way through, it's time to take stock of both my accomplishments and what's not working.  I'm talking planners, books, gardening, travel and more!  Look for photos at Facebook.com/BewitchedCrafts
Published 04/24/23
Last month I was inspired by a listener to find small, unique celebrations to my calendar.  I had so much fun with it (who doesn't love Pi day?) that I decided to keep going with it!  Let's talk about Perfume Fridays, Waffle Frolics, and the traditions that light us up.
Published 04/17/23