Susan Drumm on The Power of Music to Transform Your Leadership
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This week it was my privilege to welcome Susan Drumm for a conversation about her new book, The Leader’s Playlist: Unleash the Power of Music and Neuroscience to Transform Your Leadership and Your Life. In this episode Susan unveils the groundbreaking process that outlines how our childhood wounds show up in our ability to lead others and how music can heal those wounds. Maybe you’re having a hard time retaining or engaging your people, or perhaps you’re feeling burnout or can’t delegate or trust your team to deliver. These problems and other leadership challenges can be addressed by shifting how you show up as a leader, and music is the catalyst. Susan also shares her incredible insights on the powerful connection between music, neuroscience, leadership, and personal development. She has mastered the art of pattern recognition and has developed a unique process that harnesses the transformative power of music to help leaders break free from unproductive patterns and thrive in their businesses.  In addition Susan reveals how music primes the brain for change, the impact of music on emotions and thought patterns, and even shares her personal journey of using music to shift her own mindset. Susan takes us through step-by-step instructions on creating an empowered playlist and offers valuable tips for leaders looking to ignite positive change within themselves and their teams. Join us as we dive deep into the world of music and its untapped potential to create profound change.  Make sure to check out our sponsors to help support the show! Connect with Susan: Website Book Leadership Quiz LinkedIn ________________________________________ Erik’s Guest Appearance on the Enhance Your Life With Music Podcast ________________________________________ Connect with Erik: Sign Up For Our Newsletter LinkedIn  Twitter  Facebook  Instagram  ________________________________________ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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