Florence + the Machine
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Florence Welch joins Zane discuss the new album ‘Dance Fever', breaking down tracks 'Morning Elvis', 'King', 'Free' and others. She talks about working with Jack Antonoff, her formative days in the South London indie scene and how her pandemic experiences changed the sound of the project.
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Ahead of the release of his album ‘Give Or Take’, GIVĒON sits down with Zane to break down the process. He details the influence of his mother and family, his relationship with criticism and the importance of performance in his artistry.
Published 06/23/22
Published 06/23/22
Logic joins Zane in the studio to discuss his album 'Vinyl Days'. He talks about his relationship with anxiety, the internet and fatherhood, plus explains how an interview of Zane's made it onto the project as a sample.
Published 06/23/22