Delaying menopause, extending healthspan: The promise of AMH-based therapeutics (Daisy Robinton, Oviva Therapeutics)
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Dr. Daisy Robinton, co-founder and CEO of Oviva Therapeutics, discusses the company's innovative approach to improving women's healthspan by targeting the biology of ovarian aging. Motivated by her personal experiences and the realization that female physiology is underserved by research and medicine, Daisy outlines how menopause is a key inflection point in the acceleration of aging in women. She explains the central role of anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) in regulating ovarian function and fertility. Oviva's lead program, a recombinant enhanced AMH protein, aims to improve IVF outcomes by synchronizing follicle growth. Excitingly, this approach could also preserve ovarian reserve to delay menopause onset, thereby extending female healthspan. Key Topics Covered: Pivoting from developmental biology to found a women's health startupOvaries as central regulators of female healthspan beyond reproductionAMH as a brake on follicle activation and loss of ovarian reserveUsing enhanced AMH to improve egg yield in poor-responding IVF patientsPotential of AMH-based therapy to delay menopause and slow agingMenopause as the single greatest known accelerator of agingEconomic and societal impact of extending female healthspanDistinguishing reproductive longevity from overall women's healthViewing fertility as a marker of overall health and wellbeing
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