Harnessing the Secretome to Combat Age-Related Immune Dysfunction (Dr. Hans Keirstead, Immunis)
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Hans Keirstead, PhD, is the Chairman of the Board at Immunis, a biotechnology company researching and developing immune secretome products to address age-driven immune deficits. In this episode, Chris and Hans discuss Immunis' approach to targeting the aging immune system as a key driver of age-related disease. They explore the potential of immune secretome factors to restore youthful immune function, the promising results from Immunis' preclinical and early clinical studies, and the future of immune-modulating therapeutics to extend healthspan. THE FINER DETAILS The critical role of the immune system in the aging process and age-related diseaseImmunis' focus on immune precursor cell secretome factors to restore youthful immune functionPreclinical studies demonstrating the effects of Immunis' secretome product on muscle growth, metabolism, and inflammation in aged miceEarly results from Immunis' Phase 1/2a clinical trial in older adults with muscle atrophy and knee osteoarthritisThe potential for immune secretome therapeutics to treat a wide range of age-related conditions and enhance healthspanThe importance of developing affordable and accessible therapies to maximize impact QUOTES "Every manifestation of aging is immunologically mediated. It's phenomenal. When one ages, your immune system in 100% of humans gets angry, so becomes highly pro-inflammatory.""Our drug is not a stem cell. It's not an immune cell. It is the secretion set, that same secretion set that you and I have, and everyone on this earth has, that precipitously declines with age, and now we're able to restore it.""We showed that IMMUNA fundamentally changes gene expression in order to promote the expression of genes for growth and regeneration. And then it inhibits the expression of genes that inhibit growth and regeneration.""I believe that this [secretome therapeutic] is going to be taken prophylactically by most humans, every quarter or so, to keep their immune system young, keep their immune system in a prophylactically competent state.""I want this thing to be available to everyone who wants it at an extremely low price, so that we can keep people alive, so that we can keep them disease free, so they can have productive years in their golden times, in their older age." LINK TO PAPER Stem cell secretome treatment improves whole-body metabolism, reduces adiposity, and promotes skeletal muscle function in aged mice
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