Hirofumi Kurino, co-founder of United Arrows
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The fit-god and industry legend is on Blamo! As the co-founder of United Arrows in 1989, Kurino-san has been in front and behind the scenes of retail and men’s fashion for almost 50 years. He has seen countless changes and evolutions in the industry and remains as optimistic as ever. Kurino-san and I discuss growing up studying iconography, his love of music, his approach to getting dressed (take notes), the stores that inspired United Arrows, what makes Japanese retail different, what books he’s reading, and more.
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Published 06/17/24
Published 06/17/24
Recently, Peter asked Derek to elaborate a bit more on the concept of path dependency in clothing and getting dressed. FWIW, path dependency is a concept from social science regarding why we do the things we do. e.g., Why do we wear jeans, and why are they blue? Derek admits it's a nerdy way of...
Published 06/13/24