Blending a Family from Rio Ferdinand's Perspective
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Today we have a very familiar face on Blended in the name of ex-footballer and more importantly my husband, Rio Ferdinand. Rio finally comes on the podcast for a full episode to talk about how the family has changed from his perspective over the years. Rio also discusses growing up in a blended family, both of his parents finding new partners and how his upbringing impacts the decisions he makes as a parent himself today. There’s also a lot of banter in this episode, you can say what you want about Rio but he holds his hands up when he’s in the wrong and there’s a lot of laughs because of it! This conversation also shows a side to Rio you may not have seen before and gives a real look in to the inner workings of our family - both the happy times and challenging! If you’re excited to be a part of the Blended community, make sure to follow @Blended on Instagram.
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