November 21st, 2021 Kelly and I were hanging out having a deep convo and realized we should podcast. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/alisa-harder4/message
Published 11/22/21
I pre-recorded this episode with Israel Garcia. I wanted to save it for his birthday today. I asked a few people for some voice messages to send him birthday wishes. Thank you for the wishes and thank you everyone for the questions. Go follow Israel Garcia on Instagram at @onebadcomic and on TikTok @onebadcomic3 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/alisa-harder4/message
Published 11/01/21
I hope this helps you realize what’s really important in life. I love you Dad. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/alisa-harder4/message
Published 11/01/21
All the way from Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺 I speak with Cuauhtemoc from the El Tejano Down Under Podcast. He is originally from Texas 🇺🇸. Thank you to everyone that sent in questions. Follow him on ig: @nunez_cuauhtemoc @eltejanodownunder --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/alisa-harder4/message
Published 10/25/21
This episode I’m with Kelly and Babak. They both have been on the show before. Kelly and I talk about our spa experience that we had during our staycation downtown. Babak let’s us know how Bombtastic Bath Bombs changed his life. We give a few shout outs. We also talk about life and death. It’s always a good time with them and I hope you enjoy. Take it easy. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/alisa-harder4/message
Published 10/23/21
Thanks to Freddy Correa, he set up his hotel room into a podcast studio! Freddy recorded this swapcast. I had the pleasure of meeting Freddy, Lissy, Israel, Irma and Edgar for the first time! We celebrated our birthdays together. Check everyone out and follow them: Freddy Correa: fredreker on Instagram and his podcast Thanks for the Invite. www.freddycorrea.com 🎤 Lissy Correa on Instagram and her podcast Antisocial Butterfly 🦋 Israel Garcia aka One Bad Comic on Instagram and...
Published 09/22/21
This episode I’m with my podcast friend Travis Daw. Host of the podcast : It’s funny you’d say that. We talk about •Bot Talk •Animal Adventures •Laughing out loud • Marvel •Santa •Land before time. Travis insisted I don’t edit anything out even though I wanted to…so you will get to hear the worst joke I have ever made. Shout out to Healistic Reserve, What can go wrong podcast, Bad Counsel Podcast and Seth Rogan. Find Travis on Instagram...
Published 09/16/21
I had the honour of having Jack from the Bad Counsel Podcast as my Guest! The first time ever where I had a Guest try out one of my handmade bath bombs while being interviewed. We talk about Alligators, Dump trucks and Football. Check Jack out on the weekly Podcast: Bad Counsel --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/alisa-harder4/message
Published 09/10/21
I tested out my new microphone 🔥 it’s about time 🎙😝. I also talked about my recent trip to Texas and Las Vegas and I gave a shit load of shout outs --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/alisa-harder4/message
Published 09/04/21
I had fun this morning talking to my friend Dave Nunez, host of the Mindless Digital Podcast. Dave is from Houston, Texas and he tells me where the best BBQ is. We also have some questions from friends and listeners and would you rather questions --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/alisa-harder4/message
Published 07/23/21
Hung out with Kelly and Babak last night. We are always laughing and we always have a good time together. They were on the #34 episode, so here they are again! We discuss Caesars, Helicopters and The Peaky Blinders! We answer some questions from Spiro Siavelis who is a Comedian from Vegas and a TikTok Superstar. Spiro has been on the podcast, check out episode 37! We have questions from Irma Gomez who has been on the podcast before and shout out to her since we are celebrating our...
Published 07/18/21
Diego Morales aka Texas Chuckle is back for the second time! He was first on the Dirty 30 episode and back again for #40! We talk about Roasting, Crickets and Hood talk. Israel Garcia aka One Bad Comic makes a surprise appearance during the show! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/alisa-harder4/message
Published 06/28/21
I have a lot of new podcasts I have been listening to and I want to share them with you❤️ I also gave some shout outs to some that I have been listening to for awhile ☺️🥰 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/alisa-harder4/message
Published 06/27/21
For the first time ever…for the Bombtastic Podcast: my first three way! A Swapcast with: Freddy Correa from the THANKS FOR THE INVITE Podcast & Lissy Correa from the ANTISOCIAL BUTTERFLY PODCAST and Ian Burford the cohost of THANKS FOR THE INVITE surprises us near the beginning 🎉
Published 06/16/21
I had so much fun talking to my good friend, Spiro Siavelis. Spiro is a Stand up Comedian and TikTok Superstar! Find out how he got 26.2k followers on TikTok, how he had a couple hecklers try to attack him on stage and how much he loved Canada in the full two weeks he lived there. Check him out at spirointhatshow on Instagram and TikTok ❤️
Published 06/08/21
This is the second time my Grandma has been on the podcast. I received a lot of messages from listeners saying they loved the first one so I asked her again if it was ok to do a second episode. I am so grateful for her and always laughing when I’m with her. We talk about dating, Norway and growing up in Vancouver. She randomly receives news updates from TMZ that she shares with me throughout the podcast. Thank you for listening🎙🎧
Published 06/07/21
Tonight I had a nice chat with my friend Scott Cunningham. Scott is from Paducah, Kentucky. Some listeners will know him from the group called The Church of What’s Happening Now. We talk about KFC, Bluegrass, and life in Paducah, Kentucky. Hope you all enjoy it. There is a surprise ending!
Published 06/06/21
I spent my Podiversary with my friend Kelly and Babak! I have tons of shout outs! Thank you so much for the voicemails !
Published 05/19/21
On this episode I talk to my friend, Irma Gomez. We talk about travel, haunted houses and Pizza Hut. We also play would you rather? Special shout outs for everyone that asked a question❤️
Published 05/13/21
I met my friend Kelvin who is a First Assistant Camera ! We talk about film life, motorcycles and life. Check it out ❤️
Published 05/11/21
Learn about what earth day is in the sound of silence
Published 04/23/21
🔥 I got to spend my 30th episode with Diego Morales @texaschuckle 😊 We talk about Comedy, Roasting, Mexico and so much more. Diego is a bilingual stand-up Comedian. He is part of the @vatoschistososofficial and he is on the @vatoschistososradio every Wednesday night at 9pm on party105dfw. Shout-out to @onebadcomic and @thisisrubenscosta @mazariego @kelly.zeng for some of the questions.
Published 04/08/21
Thank you for the voicemail! If you want to leave a voicemail too then click on the link and send it to me and I will put it on my next podcast. I’m here with Johnny Castillo! Standup Comedian from Las Vegas
Published 04/01/21
My friend and I catch up and play would you rather and never have I ever.
Published 03/22/21
This episode I’m baking chicken, making bath bombs and then hanging out with Kelly and giving some shout outs
Published 03/20/21