Dive into bonsai cultivation with us as we tackle community questions head-on. Explore the intricacies of repotting as we delve into the "why" behind bonsai care. Join our exploration of collective queries, elevating your understanding of this ancient art form. This episode celebrates the passionate bonsai community and their curiosity-driven journey.   Our upcoming community question segment is all about Bonsai Design! Submit your questions here to be answered and featured on the podcast.    
Published 03/27/24
Published 03/27/24
This episode heralds the debut of our Mirai Community Questions segment, a much-anticipated addition straight from our forum. These questions, submitted by Mirai members, guide our discussion into the captivating realm of Mirai Mobile and its future. We're also joined by the ever-capable Mr. Josh Porter, a crucial figure in steering our ship through turbulent waters to help guide the conversation. 
Published 02/29/24
We're diving back in after a brief hiatus to catch our breath in the whirlwind of 2024. We're thrilled to discuss the Mirai Mobile launch, our new personalized bonsai app you've all been waiting for. With a calendar of bonsai activities, tree cataloging features, informative academy courses, and exclusive access through your Mirai Live subscription, it's a game-changer for bonsai enthusiasts. Stay tuned as we recap the end of 2023, delve into the start of 2024, and discuss what's on the...
Published 02/14/24
During our engaging conversation with Michael James, the curator of The National Bonsai & Penjing Museum in Washington, D.C., we delved into a myriad of exciting and inspiring bonsai related topics. However, the paramount insight gained was the pivotal role that community support plays in sustaining these public collections, thereby ensuring their significance in Western bonsai culture.
Published 01/17/24
Join us for an extraordinary conversation as David Degroot introduces us to Laurent Darrieux—the mastermind behind the Cosmic Bonsai approach. Delving into the captivating insights presented in Darrieux's two publications on Cosmic Bonsai, the much-anticipated conversation unfolds as a profound exploration of bonsai, providing an immersive experience of this timeless craft.
Published 01/03/24
In 1993, Ryan's passion for bonsai ignited the Mirai journey, spanning from Japan to the U.S. This artistic venture included cultivating gardens, building a community, and forming a skilled creative team. Despite challenges, the journey continues to yield positive outcomes. As the year ends, join Ryan in celebrating the community, expressing gratitude, and envisioning Mirai's future.
Published 12/20/23
Continuing our conversation with David Knaus of Apical Crop Science on preserving the Puglian olives, we delve into ancient tree conservation and explore the expanding understanding of nutrient balancing and its connection to the current trajectory of climate change and how we are fighting to make a positive impact.  Help support our conservation contributions: https://bonsaimirai.com/blog/mirai-wild-puglian-olives-fundraiser
Published 12/06/23
Back from our recent Puglia trip, joined by David Knaus of Apical Crop Science, we discuss Mirai's nutritional practices as we tackle the pressing issue of Xylella fastidiosa affecting Puglia's olive groves. The trip surpassed expectations in success but underscored the vast challenges ancient trees confront today. This episode marks a pivotal moment in exploring Apical's work and joining the effort to find solutions to the Xylella problem.  Join us in understanding and contributing to this...
Published 11/22/23
We unveil a long-anticipated episode, taking you back to our January visit to the Puglian olives. Leading our journey is Melissa Dotto–an Italian producer, master connector, and skilled bonsai practitioner. With Melissa as our guide, we delve deep into the rich tapestry of Italian culture, unearthing hidden gems and acquiring essential insights. These revelations are crucial for us to fully grasp the essence of the Mirai in the Wild project and our dedicated efforts to preserve these...
Published 11/08/23
In part two of our conversation with Chris Baker, we delve deeper into the Chicago Botanic Gardens' innovative use of bonsai to amplify the voices of native environments. We share our mutual dedication to preserving ancient trees within these ecosystems and reflect on the expanding influence of the bonsai community in shaping a brighter future.
Published 10/25/23
Join us for a catch-up session, where we dive deep into the latest happenings at Mirai. We share our insights, reflect on the lessons we've picked up along the way, and explore our growth over the past year. Plus, we share a sneak peek into the exciting future of Mirai and what's in store.
Published 10/11/23
Join us for a captivating conversation with Chris Baker, the curator of the Chicago Botanical Gardens' bonsai collection—a true connoisseur of the bonsai world. Our discussion delves into the extraordinary possibilities of bonsai beyond its artistic expression, marking the beginning of numerous enlightening conversations to follow. Tune in as we explore the pivotal role of a bonsai curator.
Published 09/20/23
We're joined by Lucy Kerhoulas—a renowned canopy vascular researcher specializing in coastal redwoods. With a background in botany, a Master's in redwood physiology, and a Ph.D. in ponderosa pine eco-physiology, Lucy is an Associate Professor at Cal Poly Humboldt. We delve into the remarkable abilities of ancient trees like coastal redwoods, exploring their superpowers and incredible scale of existence.
Published 09/06/23
We had the privilege of sitting down with Jack Sustic—the former curator of the National Bonsai Collection in Washington, DC. Jack's impact on North American bonsai history is indelible, as his leadership marked a pivotal moment in the collection's story. With engaging stories and experiences, he takes us through the evolving landscape of bonsai in North America.
Published 08/16/23
Embark on a captivating journey as we delve into the five most outstanding books that shatter conventional viewpoints on bonsai. Discover their profound insights, ignite your passion, and experience bonsai in a new light.    Mirai Reading Recommendations:  Gnarly Branches, Ancient Trees: The Life and Works of Dan Robinson Cosmic Bonsai - Laurent Darrieux  Artisan Cup - Ryan Neil  In Training, A Book of Bonsai Photos - Steven Voss  The Best of Bonsai in Europe #5 
Published 07/26/23
We embrace the arrival of the summer solstice and reflect on the passing of the longest day of the year—recapping springtime in the garden and discussing the evolving body of knowledge that fuels its growth. From nutrition discoveries to climbing giant sequoias, we share stories of thrilling adventures that will inspire and entertain.
Published 07/12/23
Join us as we recap our journey to Telluride, Colorado, for the renowned Mountain Film Festival to celebrate a documentary project's premiere featuring Mirai. We share our unforgettable experiences from the festival and offer an exclusive sneak peek into our insights on "Trees and Other Entanglements," an upcoming HBO documentary set to release this fall.
Published 06/14/23
Joe Robinson—the owner of East Creek Art, joins us to delve into our recent collaboration on firing the Triskele Collective ceramics in their Anagama wood-burning kiln. We reflect on our shared experiences cultivating and nurturing creative communities and the intriguing connection between trees, ceramics, art, and teaching.   Learn more about East Creek Art: https://www.eastcreekart.org/    
Published 05/31/23
We catch up with Austin Heitzman—a master craftsman and woodworker whose recent body of work we've had the luxury of experiencing and distributing at Mirai. With a deep understanding of his medium, Austin creates unique pieces and contextual woodworking representations that push the art form's boundaries.  Shop his new bonsai stand collection on Mirai Goods.
Published 05/03/23
We celebrate Mirai's 13th anniversary—by reflecting on our growth and the expansion of bonsai in North America and the Western world. It's been an incredible journey thus far, full of flops, follies, successes, and celebrations, and the voyage only continues; we are just warming up!
Published 04/19/23
We take a moment to catch up on Mirai's busy winter season as we ascend into the spring of 2023—recapping the highlights of our bonsai repotting season and sharing new insight into recent nutritional discoveries that have helped advance our knowledge of the bonsai model and further influenced our tree care practices.
Published 03/22/23
Jan Rentenaar—a local ceramicist and art legend, joins us to celebrate the release of her latest collection of ceramics in collaboration with Mirai. We chat about her introduction to art, her ceramic process, and what motivates her as an artist.  Check out her new ceramic collection, available now on Mirai Goods: https://goods.bonsaimirai.com/collections/vendors?q=Jan%20Rentenaar
Published 03/08/23
In the second part of our discussion with bonsai practitioner and nursery professional—Joe Harris, we continue our conversation on his transition from a bonsai apprenticeship into his nursery industry career. We dive into his work with high-level maple cultivation, how he's applied bonsai knowledge to large tree formation design, and his position at Iseli Nursery, one of the most famous specialty nurseries in the Willamette Valley.  Learn more about Iseli Nursery: https://www.iselinursery.com/
Published 02/22/23
We traveled down to Iseli Nursery to chat with Joe Harris—one of the original North American bonsai practitioners who apprenticed under Mr. Hashimoto at Kanuma Nature and Bonsai Park in Japan during the mid-1980s. We engage in an enlightening discussion on our shared apprenticeship experiences and educational lineage—touching on stories and memories from his time studying bonsai in Japan. 
Published 02/15/23