A book containing 40 episodes of various experiences of a government college teacher with his students
Published 11/25/22
A must read classic which won 1954 noble prize and pulitzer prize
Published 11/18/22
Published 11/18/22
A book by author Imayam
Published 11/11/22
A book by Brianna Wiest on Transforming Self sabotage into Self mastery
Published 11/02/22
A classic from Ashokamithran depicting the life of 3 women in an era of water scarcity
Published 10/19/22
How to free yourself, change your life and achieve real happiness by Ichiro kishimi and Fumitake koga
Published 10/12/22
A book of 25 short stories by author Prabanjan describing various shades of humans.
Published 09/30/22
Success stories of Twelve women who turned to wealth creators from homemakers. Authored by Rinku paul and Puja singhal
Published 09/28/22
A book by Ayyanar Viswanath on his favourite movies, webseries and books
Published 09/21/22
A book by Japanese author Shunmyo Masuno on 100 ways to bring yourself calm and happiness
Published 09/14/22
A tamil short story collection containing 9 short stories on various human relations and emotions by author Senthil Jaganathan
Published 09/07/22
How self love is the key to unlocking your greatness - A book by Vex King
Published 04/25/22
A tamil poem collection of author Kalapriya
Published 04/18/22
A classic guide to survive the opposite sex by John Gray. The most famous relationship book published ever
Published 04/11/22
A book which shows the importance of various relationships in our life by Na.Muthukumar
Published 04/04/22
A little guide on how to build a reading habit and remember most of it
Published 03/28/22
The secrets of good communication
Published 03/21/22
A book by Jayakandan
Published 03/14/22
The Art of Saying No: How to Stand Your Ground, Reclaim Time and Energy, and Refuse to be Taken for Granted Book by Damon Zahariades
Published 03/07/22
A book by Bava chelladurai on his various life memories
Published 02/28/22
A classic book by James Allen
Published 02/21/22
A poetry book on love
Published 02/14/22
A book about Lying by Sam Harris
Published 02/07/22
A collection of short stories by renowned author Sujatha
Published 01/31/22