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The ladies uncover the compelling personality of a traumatized young woman, Ester Cox. She was completely tormented by something in the same province where Jen & Kim live, but almost 150 years ago. Is it true that the ghost who haunted Ester carved her name in her bedroom wall, or stabbed her in the back twice (with the same knife) into the same wound in 1878? This episode includes excerpts from the book "The Great Amherst Mystery" written by Walter Hubbell. 
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Published 08/13/21
In this episode, Jen fills you in on what's been going on in her world while Kim is filming another season of Haunted. Our friend and director, Dillon Garland will tell you personally the most intriguing story about how his grandfather who passed in 2006 came to visit us all, and how this shaped...
Published 07/30/21
Podcast Episode Description: In this episode, Jen and Kim discuss some pretty compelling haunted funeral homes. While we were doing some research for this episode, we found out that My Way by Frank Sinatra is the number one requested song at funerals. Towards the end of the show we give...
Published 02/19/21