62. Building Your Dream Career: Strategies to Create the Path You Desire ft. Glow Recipe Co-Founder, Sarah Lee
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62. This week on Boujee Best Friend, we sit down with Sarah Lee, co-founder of Glow Recipe, a brand known for its fruit-forward, clean products for healthy glowing skin. Sarah co-founded the company with her best friend, Christine Chang. Glow Recipe has become a skincare favorite for many, thanks to Sarah's vision of promoting gentle and effective formulas that embrace the ever-changing needs of our skin and empower us to love and care for it. In this episode, we delve into Sarah's background, skincare philosophy, and career at L’Oreal, which helped her pave the way for her entrepreneurial journey. As a successful entrepreneur, Sarah shares advice on climbing the corporate ladder, public speaking, standing out, raising money from investors, finding the right co-founder (like her best friend Christine!), and more. Throughout the conversation, we dive deeper into the exciting story of how Glow Recipe came into existence—a dream born from their passion for skincare. Sarah tells us about the challenges she faced and how she and Christine found the right investors and partners who believed in the brand's mission. Join us as we explore Sarah's inspiring journey from a corporate professional to an incredibly successful entrepreneur. Episode highlights - Sarah’s background - About your skin and skincare  - Sarah’s career at L’Oreal  - Climbing the corporate ladder  - Advice for public speaking  - Creating Glow Recipe - How to stand out  - Shark Tank  - Finding the right investors - Working with your co-founder - Complimentary skills as co-founders  Timestamps: 0:00- 2:00 | Introduction 2:00- 8:00 | Sarah’s background 8:00- 13:10 | Skincare experience  13:10- 14:20 | Sarah’s career at L’Oreal  14:20- 20:10 | Climbing the corporate latter  20:10- 26:40 | Public speaking advice  26:40- 34:30 | Glow Recipe  34:30- 49:40 | Starting a beauty brand   49:40- 56:20 | Raising money for your start-up  56:20- 1:05:46 | Finding the right co-founder  CONNECT WITH SARAH: https://www.instagram.com/sarah_glow/  https://www.instagram.com/glowrecipe/  https://www.glowrecipe.com/  https://www.tiktok.com/@glowrecipe?  CONNECT WITH KOKO: ⁠https://www.instagram.com/kokobeaute/⁠  ⁠https://www.tiktok.com/@kokobeaute⁠  ⁠https://www.instagram.com/boujeebestfriend⁠  https://www.boujeebestie.com⁠  https://www.youtube.com/@KokoBeaute⁠  JOIN GROUP: BOUJEE BESTIES https://links.geneva.com/invite/bec31d1b-7a42-4a90-8000-cbdc75108994
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