Your ‘Type’ is Holding You Back from Finding True Love - On Happiness, Soulmates, and Surrender ft. Kute Blackson
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EP63: In this exciting episode, I sat down with the amazing Kute Blackson, a transformational teacher, speaker, and author dedicated to changing people’s lives. At the young age of 14, Kute became an ordained minister, starting him on this journey to learn about himself and teach others about his findings. We talk about the journey of the soul, its purpose, and, of course, its role in your relationships. Kute discusses his journey of listening to his soul, even when it didn’t make sense. He explains that being true to yourself is the only way to feel happiness. I think we can all relate to this. We discuss the not-so-happy (but necessary) topics of toxic relationships, falling in love with the wrong person, why your type is not actually your type, and what you can do to avoid this.  In this episode, we are bringing you all of the wisdom, advice, and personal stories to guide you on your soul’s journey to find your soulmate. Tune in to this eye-opening episode and hear Kute Blackson's ideas about being true to yourself, having strong relationships, and finding happiness by being who you really are. Episode highlights… - Kute introduction  - Kute’s relationship with his father - The soul’s journey and purpose  - Speaking our truth  - Acknowledging not wanting to be in a relationship  - Changing your reality  - The purpose of a relationship  - Commitment to serving one’s soul  - Dysfunction in love and conditioning  - Relationship withdrawal  - Surrendering  - Being connected to abundance  Timestamps: 2:00- 7:00 | Introduction 7:00- 21:10 | Kute discovering his soul’s journey 21:10- 27:00 | Speaking your truth  27:00- 35:00 | Acknowledging not wanting to be in a relationship  35:00- 48:15 | Soulmates and relationship evolution  48:15- 53:10 | Surrendering 53:10- 1:02:00 | You are worthy of abundance  CONNECT WITH KUTE BLACKSON:  CONNECT WITH KOKO:
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