Indian Family Expectations, Reality Tv & Living Life Your Way ft. Monica Vaswani, Star of 'Family Karma' on Bravo TV
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EP66: Get ready to be dazzled by none other than the fabulous Monica Vaswani, the influential star from Bravo's Family Karma! In this episode, we dive headfirst into the world of being a minority influencer and reality TV sensation. Monica shares her journey growing up as a minority, her pursuit of financial stability, and the unexpected twists that led her to the reality show stage. Monica’s often referred to as the ‘Perfect Indian Girl’ by her community. In this episode, she candidly shares her rollercoaster journey in showbiz, from dealing with career slumps to wrestling with trolls as well as coping with her parents' divorce. And trust us, her insights on staying sane in a social-media-crazed universe are golden. But that’s not all! Monica and I are serving some piping-hot advice for aspiring influencers, from what goes into creating content to how to dish out content that's engaging and as genuine as that Insta-filter-free selfie. Join us to be enlightened, inspired, and entertained!  Episode highlights - Growing up as a minority  - Minority influencers  - Creating financial stability  - Monica’s experience as a reality TV star  - The process of being cast for a reality TV show  - Family Karma - Making your own reality  - Options when having children - Freezing your eggs - Going through a slump in your career  - Dealing with trolls  - Living in the moment  - Advice to creating content as an influencer  - Transparency in social media  - Authenticity Time stamps 0:00- 5:10 | About Monica and growing up as a minority  5:10- 15:40 | Monica’s career journey  15:40- 21:50 | Monica’s reality TV career and how she got cast  21:50- 26:00 | Family Karma  26:00- 30:10 | Advice for women in their 30s 30:10- 35:40 | Dealing with online trolls  35:40- 42:20 | Advice for young entrepreneurs 42:20- 45:27 | Authenticity  CONNECT WITH MONICA:  CONNECT WITH KOKO:  
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