Only Fans, Lap Dances & Life Lessons: Inside the World of an Ex-Stripper ft. Vera Smirnova
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E68: Have you ever wondered what it's really like to be a stripper, what goes down inside the clubs, and what types of men frequent them? In this episode, I sit down with Vera Smirnova, a fashion stylist, ex-stripper, OF model, and certified baddie. Vera is here to spill the tea on the strip club industry, covering everything from the dating scene to the role of drugs and alcohol, illegal activity, the allure of the money, and the types of men you encounter. Curious about the men who are going to strip clubs? We've got the inside scoop, plus advice for those dealing with boyfriends who can't resist a night out at the club. Vera also opens up about her dating life during her time as a stripper, sharing the complexities and trust issues that came with it. But it's not all drama and danger. Our conversation takes a reflective turn as Vera shares the invaluable life lessons and experiences she gained during her time in the industry. So, if you've ever been curious about the world of strippers, join us for this candid and eye-opening episode of Boujee Best Friends. You won't want to miss it.  Episode highlights: - Gogo dancing, Stripping, and Only Fans  - Why Vera became a stripper and about the industry  - Drugs and alcohol involved in this industry  - Robbery and illegal activity in strip clubs  - Experiences and life lessons from being a stripper - Types of men in a strip club - Vera’s dating life as a stripper  - How you can keep your sanity working in this industry  - Advice from Vera to her future daughter  - Abuse in strip clubs - What type of men go on Only Fans  - Leaving the industry and getting sober  - Advice to Vera’s younger self Timestamps:  0:00- 2:00 | Introduction 2:00- 10:45 | Vera’s background as a dancer and OF model 10:45- 14:50 | How to become a stripper  14:50- 17:00 | Drugs and alcohol involved in this industry  17:00- 20:00 | Robbery and illegal activity in strip clubs  20:00- 22:00  | Getting sucked into the industry  22:00- 25:20 | Types of men in strip clubs  25:20- 28:15 | Dating as a stripper  28:15- 30:00 | How you can keep your sanity working in this industry  30:00- 32:10 | Life lessons as a stripper 32:10- 35:20 | Abuse in strip clubs 35:20- 44:40 | Only Fans 44:40- 49:40 | Leaving the industry and getting sober  49:40- 51:15 | Advice to Vera’s younger self CONNECT WITH VERA:  CONNECT WITH KOKO:
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