The Influencer World: How to Get Paid, Negotiate Deals, and Partner with Top Brands ft. my manager Brooke Donohue
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E69: In this episode, we dive into the world of influencer management, content creation, and all of the nitty gritty that happens in the influencer universe. Join me as I sit down with my ride-or-die confidante and remarkable manager, Brooke Donohue! Brooke is part of the Hermana Agency – and the ultimate #BossBabe of influencer management. She is a superstar talent manager who knows how to navigate for her clients and stays hella organized while doing so. Her skills are unmatched, hence why she is my manager.  Brooke and I are giving you the inside scoop on influencer life, navigating influencer contracts and campaigns, and pro tips on how to choose the *perfect* brands to collaborate with. Whether you're a seasoned content creator or just a fan of the 'gram, this episode has something for everyone. Tune in and let us guide you toward success in the world of influencers, as both a content creator and manager.  Episode highlights - About Brooke Donohue  - How Brooke scouts her talent  - Providing value as an influencer  - Why you should sign with an agency  - Building a sense of community as a content creator  - Picking the right agency  - Finding a manager who CARES - Brooke’s day in the life as a talent manager  - Prioritizing tasks at work  - Paid ad usage  - Exclusivity when working with brands - What it is like to create brand campaigns  - Doing research work for your campaigns  - Deciding what events to attend as an influencer  Timestamps 0:00- 2:00 | About Brooke  10:00- 15:40 | How Brooke scouted Koko 15:40- 28:10 | Life as an influencer and influencer manager   28:10 33:40 | Typical day for Brooke  33:40- 38:30 | Tips for looking at contracts as an influencer  38:30- 49:00 | What it looks like to create a campaign with a brand  49:00- 53:00 | Why influencers go to events  53:00- 59:49 | Questions for Koko and Brooke  CONNECT WITH BROOKE:   CONNECT WITH KOKO:
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