Wedding Planning 101: Budgets, Bridal Parties, Trends, Annoying Guests, and More ft. Kellee Khalil, founder Loverly
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EP70: Meet Kellee Khalil, the DIY goddess and wedding guru. She is the founder of Loverly, the ultimate digital wedding planning platform helping couples go from "Yes" to "I Do." Her journey embodies entrepreneurship, creativity, and the art of love. With this magical platform, Kellee is your best friend in love and weddings, delivering expert wisdom and cutting-edge technology to every couple planning their special day. Through Kellee's insights, we navigate the overwhelming world of wedding planning, delving into venue selection, how to hire a wedding planner, the allure of destination weddings, the latest trends, bridal parties, invitations, registries, and gifts, budgeting, and so much more. And don’t worry, we also cover what to do if someone wears white to your wedding and why you should NEVER be that person. This conversation is an absolute wedding planning essential. Don't miss this episode—it's time to say "I DO" to listening! Episode highlights… - About Loverly  - How you should plan your wedding - Picking out the right venue  - Realistic costs of having a full DIY wedding - Hiring a wedding planner  - Money conversations for your wedding  - Wedding trends - Social media at weddings  - Bridesmaids and groomsmen  - What if someone shows up to your wedding in white?   - Wedding invitations  - Budgeting  - Registries and gifts Timestamps 0:00- 4:25 | Background 4:25- 13:00 | How to find the right wedding venue  13:00- 17:30 | Hiring a wedding planner  17:30- 24:30 | Money conversations for your wedding  24:30- 26:30 | Destination weddings 26:30- 30:30 | Wedding trends  30:30- 40:40 | Bridesmaids and wedding parties 40:40- 42:50 | What if someone shows up to your wedding in white?   42:50- 45:30 | Wedding invitations  45:30- 50:00 | Wedding registries and gifts CONNECT WITH KELLEE:  CONNECT WITH KOKO:
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