Prejuvenation, Skincare Myths, and Must-Try Treatments for The Best Skin of Your Life ft. Amy Peterson
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EP71: In this episode of the Boujee Best Friend podcast, we are exploring the world of skincare with none other than the Skin Savant herself, Amy Peterson. With her impressive 18 years of experience in the field, Amy shares her valuable advice on creating a skincare routine, protecting your skin, and using essential skincare products. We learn about different skincare treatments like preventative botox and injections and why making informed choices is essential (and why you should not listen to everything you hear on TikTok!)  Amy's journey to success as one of Miami’s best medical aestheticians is truly inspiring, emphasizing the importance of sticking to your chosen path. If you're interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry, Amy provides excellent guidance on how to build a successful career in this field. Join us in this episode to uncover skincare tips from an expert, navigate the ever-changing world of beauty, and discover how to stay true to yourself.   Episode highlights: - Skincare regiments  - Protecting your skin from the sun - Must have skincare products - Prevention and rejuvenation  - Preventative botox - Injections - Teaching about skincare  - Pushing products and false marketing  - Amy’s success  - Consistency in your profession  - Being a girls girl  - Comparing yourself to others  - Negative energy from social media  - Types of skin care procedures  - Mom and entrepreneur life  - Advice to Amy’s younger self  Timestamps: 0:00- 2:00 | Introduction 2:00- 6:00 | About Amy  6:00- 9:00 | Skincare products that are a must  9:00- 11:40 | Prevention and rejuvenation  11:40- 17:30 | Injections  17:30- 22:10 | Pushing products and false marketing  22:10- 35:00 | How Amy built her career in skincare and business advice   35:00- 39:00 | Incorrect information found on social media  39:00- 47:00 | Different types of skincare procedures and preventative services  47:00- 53:30 | Being a mom and running a business  53:30- 57:00 | Advice to Amy’s younger self  CONNECT WITH AMY:  CONNECT WITH KOKO:
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