‘No Phone Days’, Astrology & Raising Your Vibrations ft. Nadia Khaled, Manifestation Coach [Part 2]
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EP74: Welcome back to Boujee Best Friend Podcast! This week, we're diving even deeper into the world of astrology and manifestation with the incredible Nadia Khaled, a New Alignment Coach and manifestation expert. If you remember episode 73, you know we discussed all things manifestation, self-concept, and acknowledging your energy. In this second part of our interview, we explore the secrets of astrology, human design tests, and the art of creating your dream life. Consider this episode to be your astrology crash course. Have you ever been interested in learning about astrological signs, soulmates, compatibility, how to give yourself permission, and, most importantly, how to have a life fulfilled by doing what you love? Then, tune in and join Nadia and me in this exciting conversation. Your best life awaits; we're here to help you claim it. Episode highlights Astrology Human design test Turning 30 Astrology and Compatibility Soulmates exist Raising vibrations North node and South node Financial stability Being your own hero Giving yourself permission Doing what you love Making big moves Bad roommates Timestamps  0:00- 2:30 | Intro  2:30- 10:10 | Astrology and the Human Design Test  10:10- 13:20 | Astrological compatibility and Soulmates  13:20- 19:00 | Koko’s astrological signs explained  19:00- 30:50 | Financial accomplishments   30:50- 36:00 | Raising your vibrations by doing what you love 36:00- 40:00 | How to make a big life move  40:00- 41:20 | Negative roommate experiences 41:20- 42:40 | Outro  CONNECT WITH NADIA: https://nadiakcoaching.com/   https://instagram.com/nadia.khaledd  https://open.spotify.com/limitless https://www.tiktok.com/@nadia.khaledd  CONNECT WITH KOKO: https://www.instagram.com/kokobeaute/ https://www.tiktok.com/@kokobeaute https://www.instagram.com/boujeebestfriend https://boujeebestie.com  https://m.youtube.com/@KokoBeaute
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