Winbush and EJ join us to talk Unreal Motion Design, and NAB 2024. Vernon Roberts also joins us to practice his 10-Minute Render for the Digital Art Deathmatch. Solar Flares really chopped this show up, but we still managed to get this out.
Published 04/01/24
Published 04/01/24
We've got a jam-packed episode full of motion #graphics fun. This episode delves into Paul Babb's new advisory role at Rive, a discussion on Unreal Motion Design Tools, and some exciting announcements for Camp Mograph 2024. We explore #decentralized GPU computing's impact on AI technology in media, updates on NAB 2024 events, and the launch of #unrealengine 5.4 Preview with Motion Design. We talk Airen 4D by Merk, a groundbreaking tool for generating textures and panoramic images with Ai....
Published 03/25/24
Moist Meshes, Ai Bros, Mograph.com Beta Perks, NAB Meetups, and RandoRender2.0 (Randorender.com). Plus, we do a practice round for the Digital Artist Deathmatch!
Published 03/18/24
Let's chat about Blender with Nathan Duck aka @TheDucky3D . Brandon Clements is filling in for Matt this week. We also give competition details on the upcoming Digital Art Deathmatch at Beeple Studios and note a time change for Mograph Live. Congratulations to Luigi, the winner of Eternal Ascent. We'll see you at Camp Mograph!
Published 03/11/24
NVIDIA hits a historic $2 trillion valuation, with CEO Jensen Huang predicting AI to rival human intelligence within five years. Upcoming UTD Meetup featuring Matt Milstead. Time to submit your artwork for The Digital Artist Deathmatch at Beeple Studios. Artist spotlight Scott Unruh, practical uses for transparent displays, and Camp Mograph updates. Follow us on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram for show clips and more, and special thanks to our sponsor OTOY for making this show possible.
Published 03/04/24
In this episode we talk about the Digital Art Deathmatch at Beeple Studios, the latest updates from Maxon, including Redshift updates and C4D enhancements. We'll touch on the ongoing debate in our community poll and what the future might hold for DCCs and Unreal Engine. Also, updates about NAB 2024. Join us on Mograph.com and across our social platforms for engaging content. Our sponsor OTOY is helping us bring more content in '24, so shout out to them for their support.
Published 02/26/24
It's episode 400! Let's celebrate by talking about Sora Depression.
Published 02/19/24
Our favorite person to nerd out with, and new father, Jules Urbach, joins us from Otoy.com to talk about Octane Render, The RENDER network, and the ‘Star Trek’ Spatial Experience on the Apple Vision Pro. There's a lot to absorb in this one. Enjoy!
Published 02/05/24
Featuring the talented Kristin Sjoquist. We discuss Kristin's journey to success, her projects, and her insights on women's representation in the industry. Industry headlines, including the enigmatic particle banana teaser by Dave McGavran of Maxon, the deceptive nature of job hunting on LinkedIn, and exciting community meetups. Don't miss out on the discussion about the future of creative tools with AI, and remember to participate in the ongoing polls.
Published 01/29/24
This week Drysen Carsten joins Dave to discuss the implications of #ai in the creative process. We explore the ethical concerns surrounding AI-generated #art, reflecting on a recent incident involving Maxon. We also share our thoughts on audience engagement in a crowded digital space and the importance of adapting to audience preferences. Additionally, we touch on our personal experiences with parenting and work-life balance, offering insights into managing professional responsibilities.
Published 01/23/24
Headlines for the week of 1/15/24
Published 01/15/24
Brian Bosché joins us from Move.ai
Published 01/08/24
Our annual Holiday Episode with EJ and Ariew!
Published 01/04/24
DAT Miami // Sponsored by Dell Technologies, RNDR, Nvidia, and Toolfarm. Featuring EJ Hassenfratz, Chris Schmidt, Jonathan Winbush, Mathias Omotola, Dave Koss, Brilly, Alex Arenas, Michael Szabo, Whitney Pollett, Eric Cornish, Steph Hallett, Darlene Sanchez, Rutamfi, & Kristin Sjoquist.
Published 12/11/23
2023 Mograph Wrap-up
Published 12/06/23
DAT Paris // Sponsored by Dell Technologies, RNDR, Nvidia, and Toolfarm. Featuring Matt Milstead, Guillaume Kurkdjian, Romain Braccini, Damien Canderle, Lucas Menard, Mehdi Hadi, Jonathan Winbush, and more.
Published 11/27/23
DAT Berlin // Sponsored by Dell Technologies, RNDR, Nvidia, and Toolfarm. Featuring Matt Milstead, Jonathan Winbush, Valentin Heinrich, Vincent Schwenk, Carolin Kattermann, Anders Mortensen, Can Erduman, EJ Hassenfratz, Ulf Ohnesorge, Christoph Schramm, Yannik Wenk, Dino Muhić, Jonas Pilz, & Chris Schmidt
Published 11/23/23
DAT Barcelona // Sponsored by Dell Technologies, RNDR, Nvidia, and Toolfarm. Featuring Matt Milstead, Chris Schmidt, Milton Gonzalez, Javi García, Misato Kindness, Ángela Mestre, Alberto Carbonel, & Jonathan Winbush.
Published 11/19/23
DAT London // Sponsored by Dell Technologies, RNDR, Nvidia, and Toolfarm. Featuring EJ Hassenfratz, Chris Schmidt, Jonathan Winbush, Matt Milstead, Phil Roberts, Elly Wade, Ploy Motion, Andy Needham, Andrea Marshall, Vladislav Solovjob, Marta Svetek, Josh Thorpe, & HaZ Dulull.
Published 11/08/23
Our annual Spooky Special with David Ariew. EJ sadly couldn't make it this year, but we're keeping the tradition alive despite this hectic year.
Published 10/31/23
Chris Schmidt from RocketLasso joins Dave and special Co-Host Jags to chat about Mograph events and the latest updates to Cinema 4D!
Published 10/31/23
Matt & Dave finally get a moment to catch up after a busy Summer. We chat mostly about the Meta Quest 3.
Published 10/19/23
Time to kick-off the fall of 2023! Drysen Carsten of Hyperfocusmotion fills in for Matt while he's on vacation.
Published 10/17/23
Schedule Update: Dave has had some family emergencies. We'll be back to our usual schedule this Monday. Camp is over. Sad Emoji. :-( Let's all hang out and talk about our wonderful experience. In this episode we wrap-up Camp Mograph 2023 with Casey Hupke.
Published 10/05/23