Lamb Plants and Creepers
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In this minisode, Cody and Chris talk about demon cottages and weird plants. First, Chris tells a creepy AF story about a cottage nicknamed “The Cage”, that is home to malevolent spirits and goat demons. Then, Cody entertains us with a story about a plant - one that many people believed in for 400 years!!! - that actually grew lambs for cotton. Can you guess our upcoming topic?
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In this minisode, we bring you another holiday treat filled with Icelandic lore and attic demons. First, Cody talks about a woman, cursed by name and by duty, who has a habit of saddling and riding men on Christmas. Then, Chris tells the story of one person’s creepy encounter - in a freaky a**...
Published 12/06/21
Published 12/06/21
In the first holiday episode of the season, Chris and Cody talk about their favorite sexy bear: Santa Claus. First, Cody tells a really messed up story about a butcher who pickled children and were eventually thwarted by St. Nicholas. Then, Chris shares a UFO conspiracy theory, called Santa...
Published 11/29/21