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In this minisode, we talk about how to get a really strange education. First, Cody talks about strange and hilarious (and unbelievable) courses that you can take in different schools around the world. Then, Chris takes us to Reykjavek, Iceland to tell us about a very unique educational experience, Elf School, where you can learn about elves, dwarves, spirits, and everything in between. Can you guess next week’s topic?
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In the first holiday episode of the season, Chris and Cody talk about their favorite sexy bear: Santa Claus. First, Cody tells a really messed up story about a butcher who pickled children and were eventually thwarted by St. Nicholas. Then, Chris shares a UFO conspiracy theory, called Santa...
Published 11/29/21
Published 11/29/21
In this minisode, Cody and Chris are back to bring you holiday cheer...or is it fear? First, Cody shares two peoples’ very different experiences seeing Santa Claus (and also a personal story, dun dun dunnnn!). Then, Chris tells a creepy tale of a person who felt a presence in his grandma’s...
Published 11/22/21