Where Will the Future of Business Take Place?
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In this episode, we ask the question: Where will the future of business take place? Companies are revolutionizing where and how we work, consume and meet up with friends. And the pandemic, which started a worldwide experiment in remote work, has made long-distance collaboration the new normal. We’ll learn how virtual worlds can redefine our sense of place and open up new possibilities for manufacturing, research and commerce. We’ll also explore the radical way business leaders can push decision-making to the “edge” of their organizations to empower global teams. Our hosts Elise Hu and Josh Klein are joined this week by Group Chief Executive - Strategy & Consulting at Accenture, Annette Rippert; Technical Fellow at Microsoft, Alex Kipman; and Co-Chief Executive of Gensler, Andy Cohen. To learn more about this year’s crucial signals of business change, read Accenture’s Business Futures 2021 report.
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