Amplifying Team Accountability with Dr Paige Williams
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In this episode, I have a conversation with Dr. Paige Williams, author and researcher in Organisational Behaviour.  Paige has over twenty years of experience working with global organisations she helps leaders surface uncomfortable truths, and see the rules they need to break in order to break through and lead themselves, their teams, and their organisations to thrive.   In this conversation, we chat about: What happens when teams lack accountability? How do you define underperformance? What is the importance of Collective Accountability? How can leaders promote a culture of accountability? What are the steps towards having an accountability conversation?    Other Relevant Podcasts:  Soft Skills for Leaders - Well Being of Teams  Business Chat - Above the Line  Books Mentioned BECOMING antifragile Own It! TURNING PRO   Connect with Dr.Paige Williams LinkedIn Website   Connect with Lisa Evans  LinkedIn Website
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