Skyjacks: Forgotten Roots
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A farmer and a blackberry bush learn what it means to take from The Forest Queen what she did not yield, and what it means to settle such a debt.
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With the costly help of The Forest Queen, Travis and Gable confront The Morning Star. They face an opponent of unimaginable strength while they are battered and beaten, but it is also clear they have been underestimated. Orimar and Jonnot are able to defeat the greenhearts with the help of Hip....
Published 02/01/23
Still dealing with lingering confusion from the effects of the pollen being used by the greenhearts, Orimar is striking out at everything around him, including Jonnit. Also facing opponents that have the power to mimic the most fearsome forces on Spéir Jonnit has his work cut out for him....
Published 01/25/23
Published 01/25/23