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Operation Medusa has become the most celebrated battle in recent Canadian history. It was hailed as a stroke of military genius that may have vanquished the Taliban once and for all. But the soldiers and commanders who were on the ground in 2006 have a different story to tell. A rushed battle. Flawed intelligence. And generals putting political considerations ahead of Canadian lives. And even though Canada had defeated the Taliban on the battlefield, that didn’t mean they were winning the war. Featured in this episode: Cpl. Sean Teal, Canadian Armed Forces; Bruce Moncur, veterans advocate and former reservist; Lt.-Gen. Omer Lavoie, Canadian Armed Forces; Adnan R. Khan, journalist and contributing editor at Maclean's; Eugene Lang, fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute Further reading: Operation Medusa: The Battle For Panjwai, Adam Day, Legion Magazine Afghanistan veteran recounts brutal battle, Stephen J. Thorne, Legion Magazine It’s time for a hard look at Operation Medusa, Adnan R. Khan, Maclean’s The Unexpected War: Canada In Kandahar, Janice Gross Stein and Eugene Lang Support Canadaland at Sponsors: oxio, Hover, Skipper Otto Additional Music is by Audio Network Support CANADALAND: See for privacy information.
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