The COVID-19 pandemic brought on the future of work in accelerated bursts and swept in sooner than expected, creating an urgent need for new maps, new mindsets, and new strategies. In this episode, we assembled a roundtable of Deloitte Human Capital leaders to help us understand the future of work in a post-pandemic world armed with a human approach and an enterprise mindset.
Published 05/28/21
COVID-19 pushed organizations to challenge their workers to expand their roles to anything that needed to be done; workers were able to rise to the challenge. The workforce adapts more dramatically than many would have expected when faced with so many new challenges. In this episode, we’ll hear from Barbry McGann, executive director of the office of CHRO Solution Marketing at Workday, about how she has seen organizations and workers increase the ability to adapt and reskill.
Published 05/21/21
COVID-19 was a rude awakening for workforce strategy planners. It quickly became very clear that retrospective metrics and measurements that describe the workforce’s current state severely limit an organization’s ability to survive disruption—let alone thrive in it. In this episode, we’ll examine results from the 2021 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey and learn why 47% of executives said they will undertake multiple scenario planning more often in the future.
Published 05/14/21
It isn’t news that new technological advancements are disrupting the world of work. However, the view of how technology fits into work has traditionally been narrowly focused on technology as a tool and enabler. But this approach is starting to change; more organizations are constructing “superteams” that integrate technology as part of the team to fundamentally rearchitect work. In this episode, we’ll hear from Bruce Sanchez, the Global Lead of Sales Learning & Development Technology at...
Published 05/07/21
The human and economic impacts of COVID-19 forced all organizations to enact radically new ways of working and operating. Organizations responded to a sudden, unforeseen crisis that changed and confounded efforts to predict and plan for events. Having a plan to deal with the unexpected isn’t all organizations need in such times. Even more mission-critical is a fundamental mindset shift from surviving to thriving.
Published 04/23/21
COVID-19 proved that people and organizations are capable of tremendous growth in a crisis. Now, the challenge for many organizations will be to sustain this momentum and discover new ways to thrive in the long term, even as disruption constantly resets the path forward. In Season 7 of Capital H, we dive deeper into these topics and chapters in our 2021 Global Human Capital Trends report to explore how organizations can bring out the human strengths that make organizational thriving possible.
Published 04/16/21
In today’s disruptive environment, are organizations evolving past traditional large-scale transformation? We see it time and time again. After inserting the plans, processes, and people into transformation efforts, organizations are often conforming to a vision that’s already obsolete. Today we explore how organizations can build resilience to help preempt the need for transformations and how we can synchronize work, the workforce, and the workplace to be in a continuous state of agility.
Published 12/18/20
Do you believe that human characteristics and abilities can grow and change over time? If you do, you hold what is called a growth mindset. In this episode, we discuss how a growth mindset can shape individual beliefs and behavior. We also explore how growth mindsets can be cultivated in an organizational context to improve culture, performance, and diversity, equity, & inclusion.
Published 12/11/20
In response to unrelenting disruption caused by both technological advances and the COVID-19 pandemic, many leaders are rethinking how they value and invest in their workforces. In today’s episode, we dig deep into what talent marketplaces are, the benefits they provide to workers and organizations, and considerations for leaders as they endeavor to create these marketplaces.
Published 12/04/20
The global pandemic has dramatically changed the flow of work and likely expedited workplace shifts that were already primed to occur. As organizations continue to start to reopen offices and have employees return to work there are a many experience and safety elements to consider.
Published 11/20/20
Looking back on 2020, almost everything about the employee experience has changed. From furloughs to remote work, today’s employees must navigate a constantly changing environment while simultaneously prioritizing their own health and safety. It’s a situation that requires resiliency and that’s exactly what we’re focusing on in Capital H Season 6. Join us as we explore how, despite historic disruptions, organizations are staying focused on the human experience to foster resiliency and build...
Published 11/06/20
On this season of Capital H, we explored how three P’s—purpose, potential, and perspective—can help organizations remain distinctly human in a technology-driven world. This episode brings together authors of our 2020 Human Capital Trends report to recap some of our favorite moments and explore how embracing these trends can better prepare organizations for the future. You’ll also hear from previous guests on how their organizations are ramping up for the future of work.
Published 10/02/20
Next-generation metrics have become pervasive in professional sports because they ask the right questions about player value. So why not apply that approach to the workforce? On this episode of Capital H, we explore how top organizations are developing advanced forward-looking metrics that go beyond people analytics to reshape the talent experience and combat uncertainty.
Published 09/24/20
Knowledge creation and curation are key competitive differentiators. Today’s digital, hyperconnected era presents new opportunities and challenges around knowledge management. On this episode of Capital H, Hans Visschers, global head of knowledge management at Philips, shares insights from Philips’ knowledge management transformation and tips for “starting small.” Plus, Deloitte leaders offer their perspective on how knowledge management trends and best practices will continue to evolve.
Published 09/11/20
Reskilling is a frequently discussed topic in human capital circles, but as our 2020 Human Capital Trends report indicates, reskilling alone may not be a sufficient path forward. In this episode, Deloitte’s David Mallon chats with Allison Salisbury SVP of Employer Solutions at Guild of Guild Education to hear how her organization is redefining adult education through company tuition reimbursement and online learning programs.
Published 08/28/20
The dizzying pace of technological advancement and workforce evolution has created a growing set of ethical challenges. As organizations operationalize the working relationships among humans, teams, and machines, how can they also anticipate and address potential ethical concerns? On this episode of Capital H, we explore how organizations can adjust their day-to-day product development and decision-making processes to produce more ethical results.
Published 08/21/20
As the workplace and nature of work evolve, companies are forced to constantly revisit compensation strategies. Our 2020 Human Capital Trends report revealed that a majority of respondents see compensation as a critical issue, but just 9 percent feel prepared to address this trend. In this episode of Capital H, Deloitte leaders explore trends, challenges, and opportunities for rethinking compensation strategies to help organizations solve the compensation conundrum.
Published 08/14/20
On this episode of Capital H, Deloitte’s Brad Denny checks in with Jensen Harris, cofounder and chief technology officer of Textio, an AI-powered writing tool. They discuss ways Textio is being used to collaborate with people in a novel, integrated way compared to other word processing technologies. This episode also covers superteams and the workforce trends that have given way to collaboration between workers and cognitive technologies.
Published 08/05/20
On this episode of Capital H, Suzan Briganti, CEO and founder of SwarmVision discusses her company’s research with “innovation profiles” that cut across generations and busts common misconceptions about innovation across generations. We also examine how leaders can move beyond the generational lens to understand workers based on values rather than age, enhancing the meaning within their careers and promotes alignment with the purpose of the organization.
Published 07/31/20
On this episode of Capital H, Deloitte’s Jeff Schwartz and Robert Gibbs, associate administrator for the Mission Support Directorate at NASA, discuss the link between the feeling of belonging and organizational performance. You’ll hear about three main building blocks of belonging—comfort, connection, and contribution—along with leadership tips on how to create a culture that builds value at the employee, team, and company levels.
Published 07/24/20
Organizations are realizing the link between worker well-being and organizational performance – an overwhelming majority of respondents from the Deloitte 2020 Global Human Capital Trends survey marked well-being as a major priority for their company. But what is well-being in the workplace? Explore this topic with us and Judy Fimiani, Chief Human Resources Officer at Learning Care Group. And, Deloitte leaders discuss overcoming common roadblocks associated with creating a well-being program.
Published 07/17/20
The 2020 Global Human Capital Trends report calls upon organizations to embrace purpose, potential, and perspective that characterize what it means to fuse people and technology to perform as a social enterprise at work.The power of the social enterprise lies in its ability to bring a human focus to everything it touches, empowering people to work productively with technology to create lasting value for themselves, their organizations, and society at large.
Published 07/10/20
Season 5 of the Capital H podcast is here! Our hosts, David Mallon and Burt Rea will be exploring the findings from Deloitte’s 2020 Global Human Capital Trends research entitled “A Social Enterprise at Work: Paradox as a Path Forward”. This year, we begin with a look back at a decade of tremendous change, focusing particular attention on technological innovation and the evolving relationship between technology and the humans to provide leaders with an informed perspective as we look to the...
Published 06/26/20
Diversity and inclusion continues to be a driving force for innovative ideas and team performance in the workplace. Jennifer Chatman, the Paul J. Cortese Distinguished Professor of Management at Berkeley Haas, takes a closer look at D&I and discusses key findings from her research, including the positive effects of collective attitudes in diverse teams, emphasizing diversity encourages risk-taking and innovation, and how managers can lead their teams to embrace diversity through...
Published 05/08/20