F*****g Feelings
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For those of you that heard the first version of this unfortunate episode last season, I (Samia) apologize. I have redeemed myself, I am no longer a simp. The first rule of hoeing is "Thou shall not catcheth feelings" but we have all broken this rule. We move from emotionless sex passionate beings to people who sit by the phone waiting for someone to say "hey" after leaving us on "read" for 3 months.  Why do we catch feelings? Because we are human, with very human emotions and needs. We grow fond of people, we enjoy the way they make us feel, laugh and before we know it, we want more. And that's perfectly fine. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/feministwitches/message
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Sex can be a pretty lonely experience if you have no one to talk about it with. When you experience strange things or something for the first time and knowing you have no one safe to ask and talk about it in length with, is a sad and lonely experience. For a lot of us who grew up in puritan...
Published 01/04/23
Sex is in Session, so how exactly do you go by it? Do you rush at it like some warrior ready to go to war? Or do you move as slow as a snail? What do you do during sex that gives you the ultimate experience? Do you have a roadmap on how you like to f**k? What should your partner do? What makes...
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