The Evolution of Hoeing (Feminist Hoeing)
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Ever wondered who came up with the rules of Hoeing? Who dictated how people f*****g should interact and treat each other? The idea that basic decency was seen as too grand and automatically viewed as a romantic gesture that went against the values of Hoeing. Who taught us how to hoe and are we okay with some other persons notion of Hoeing? Over the years and especially since we started this podcast, how we have sex and interact with our non romantic sexual partners has completely changed. Maybe it's growth, changing times or a shift in the universe, but we are honestly bored and so over the typical standard of what hoeing should look like. To us the current hoeing style feels too patriarchal and in this episode we share what we have learnt since our first time and what it's been like discovering feminist hoeing. --- Send in a voice message:
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