Safe 2 Choose (Fetus Deletus)
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Abortion is a human right. Having the right to choose yourself and what your body does is a human right. Having a hot girl summer is a human right. So if you are pregnant and don’t want to be, don’t worry Marie can stope that! An abortion is such a private and scary thing for most. The fear of how to do one, where to get it and what people will say is extremely daunting for most. But this is Fertility control and every person should have the right to access safe abortions. So today CWTFW and have partnered to talk about the importance of safe abortions, different types of abortion and how to access an abortion through In this episode we shared a story from one of our listeners about their abortion and discussed some discourses around abortion. Remember people with uteruses, fetus deletus and have a great hot girl summer free of guilt and shame. --- Send in a voice message:
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