World Record Holder Zena Courtney's Dual Talents for Pool and Open Water, EP 249
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Embark on an exciting journey with Zena Courtney, a master swimmer whose prowess extends far beyond her strokes in the pool. In a rare road trip among two great friends, we catch the afterglow of a spectacular showdown between Katie Ledecky and Summer Macintosh, through the eyes of a swimmer who knows the thrill and discipline of the sport inside out. Zena opens up about her transition into a new competitive age group, her strategic weight loss, and how she masterfully merges rigorous USA swimming workouts with her master's team sessions to stay at the top of her game. But Zena's story isn't just about the water; her approach to life echoes the dedication and precision of her swimming, setting a standard for excellence that resonates with anyone striving for their personal best. In the pool, Zena offers a clinic on the nuances of backstroke racing, from pacing the 200 backstroke to executing flawless starts and turns. Her narrative isn't just about victories and technique—it's a heartfelt account of the joys of the sport, the camaraderie of teammates, and the almost meditative state she finds when slicing through the water. With the Long course Masters Nationals on the horizon, we're reminded that the race isn't just about the finish line, but the invigorating journey that swimming provides. Tune in for a dose of inspiration, practical advice, and the celebration of a swimmer's undying passion for the waves she rides.
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