THE FUTURE OF DESIGN with Simone Jarmer | BMW Podcast
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Good design successfully finds the balance between longevity and zeitgeist. An ongoing process of foresight is required to reach the top in an increasingly complex and fast-moving world. The prerequisite for this is a wealth of consolidated knowledge that Simone Jarmer and her BMW Design Team can draw on quickly. For them, new designs are the product of considering what has already been and of a constant dialogue with the present. Simone Jarmer, Lead Expert for Design & Experience Foresight at the BMW Group is exploring how automotive design is changing as it navigates the dichotomy between visionary projects and challenging times, and what role the art of projection and foresight plays there. Tune in and dive into the exciting world of future design. This is an audio column about future developments in tech, science, society, and culture. By looking at current trends through the eyes of an expert in their respective field, we discover new perspectives and possibilities. Each speaker shares their individual take on a topic. Read more here.
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