ELECTRIC MYTHS #09 | E-cars are just a stop-gap solution | BMW Podcast
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Another Friday, another episode, another myth, but thankfully the hosts remain the same. In today’s episode, Charlie and Tomi talk about a myth that has kept a stubborn grip in our society for many years: E-cars are just a stop-gap solution. Are they really? Electromobility is undoubtedly an important step for the future development of the automotive industry, but is it THE alternative? What do Tomi and Charlie think? You’ll have to listen for yourself to find out the answer. A new episode of ELECTRIC MYTHS.   (00:00) Introduction (02:45) The future of electric cars (04:30) Fuel cell technology cars (03:50) Will all cars be electric in the future?   Find out more about our hosts Charlie Martin and Tomi Adebayo. Check out some behind-the-scenes photos and more details: https://www.bmw.com/en/electric-future/electric-car-myths-podcast.html
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