ELECTRIC MYTHS #10 | E-cars are too complicated | BMW Podcast
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New episode ... no, wait, what? This is the end? It’s true, we are at the end of our journey. After 10 episodes of ELECTRIC MYTHS, we have finally reached the end of the road. Of course, the many discussions, opinions, and new myths surrounding e-vehicles and electric driving will continue, but Tomi and Charlie have covered the current hot topics. Today’s episode takes one more look at the big picture: E-cars are too complicated. What is there to this myth? If you have listened carefully over the last 9 episodes, you can now test out your expert knowledge. Are you ready for one last round of myth-busting? Tune in and have fun!   (00:00) Introduction (03:30) Electric car public charging stations (04:45) Ranges of electric cars (05:35) How to charge electric car (06:15) battery life of electric car   Find out more about our hosts Charlie Martin and Tomi Adebayo. Check out some behind-the-scenes photos and more details: https://www.bmw.com/en/electric-future/electric-car-myths-podcast.html
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