Ep 213 - Chat 10 Looks 3 Book Club!
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It's the first ever Chat 10 Looks 3 Book Club! On Tuesday 6th of June, Crabb, Sales and hundreds of chatters jumped online to enjoy Lisa Millar talking to incredible author Nina Wan about her brand new book, The Albatross. The Albatross by Nina Wan | Booktopia This Chat 10 Looks 3 book club is brought to you by Thermomix. Book your Thermomix cooking demo HERE. Produced by DM Podcasts See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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Published 09/25/23
It's the Perth live show, so OF COURSE there's a disaster. Crabb has totally lost her voice. Sales suggests that she can do a TED talk style 90-min solo address instead, the threat of which is enough to galvanise Crabb to race to Perth to protect local Chatters from this horrific fate. The pair...
Published 09/25/23
Crabb and Sales are chilled by the premise of a new Scandi film but inspired by plenty of other books and TV shows (0.09) Kitchen Cabinet | ABC iView (5.55) HBO Succession Podcast | Listen (6.00) The News Reader Trailer | iView (6.40) Redfern Now | Trailer | Netflix  (6.40) Wentworth |...
Published 09/10/23