How To Celebrate Your Success And Uplevel 2022
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Let’s Celebrate! Even if things didn’t go to plan, I’m sure you have SO much to be proud of this year.   Taking the time to recognize achievements and celebrate is a skill. As a Ruler I often struggle and say “yeah cool, but what’s next?” - sound familiar?    This episode is for all the introverts out there, who struggle with being the center of attention. The extroverts can learn lots about what it feels like to live with a fear of being visible too!
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I wish you could see me recording my latest podcast episode: I’m wearing a Hot Shoe Shuffle tee and a Hamilton jumper!    You’d get a massive clue about my latest investment…   In this episode I’m talking about how I invest my money AND why I invested in a freaking musical!
Published 06/30/22
Today we are talking about how to do an honest assessment of your business. We’re gonna approach it in a really chill way! 
Published 06/23/22